The Dark Side: The 10 Worst Star Wars Games Ever

Jar Jar Binks Thumbs Up

10. Rebel Assault (1993)

Rebel Assault 1993

Platforms: PC, Mac, Sega CD, 3DO

A rail shooter that promised to take the Star Wars experience to a whole new level, Rebel Assault was one of the most disappointing games of what could arguably be called franchise’s golden era of gaming. The game featured groundbreaking full motion video sequences, but played poorly on even the most advanced hardware, with blocky, pixelated images and jumpy frame rates. A short and relatively dull story couldn’t match the outstanding experiences of X-Wing and TIE Fighter, which hit the market around the same time as Rebel Assault, and frustratingly sensitive controls sent even the most die hard Star Wars fans to the edge of madness. Those intrigued by Rebel Assault’s mechanics would do best to check out the game’s 1995 sequel, Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire which, while far from perfect, made many key improvements to the gameplay.

30 thoughts on “The Dark Side: The 10 Worst Star Wars Games Ever”

Avatar Matt says:
Yeah.. I think Star Wars Obi-Wan is pretty good. No, it’s not KOTOR, but I think it offered a lot in the world of Episode 1. The camera controls are quite easy, a flick of the left thumbstick will rotate it. There’s a ton of content packed into this game, from the Black Heth and the cortosis mine, to the Federation ship, being a stowaway down to Naboo, the entire Naboo plot which is beautiful and fun, to rescuing the queen from tuskan raiders which is a pretty clever side-plot from the movie. Lots of stuff along the way. Also the A.I. is quite good, I always love fighting next to Qui-Gonn. The voice acting for Obi-Wan is pretty vague and there can be some glitches depending on your disc, but overall I don’t think it’s a bad game at all and I’d love to see it touched up and released on Steam.
Avatar Soul Stälker says:
Everybody hating on Jedi Power Battles makes me laugh. Yes, some parts of it were pretty wonky and there were some glitches here and there, but overall the game was fun and very challenging; you rarely felt like the controls were bad, you just had to strategize your movements and reflect the shots at the right time. And when you did, it felt accomplishing.
Avatar Anonymustard says:
Rebellion is one of the best Star Wars games ever made and Force Commander wasn’t great but it was still miles above the standard of most shitty modern strategy games.
Avatar nikoliy says:
How did Rebellion make it into this list?
Whoever put it in their is an idiot.
Avatar Noah Schmitz says:
They have obviously never played it. One of my favorite strategy games in general.
Avatar Vader the White says:
I can’t imagine Masters of Teräs Kasi being worse than The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels for the Wii. You know how very, very few third party developers could make good use of the motion controls? Yeah, this sums up the problems with this sad excuse of a fighting game.
Avatar SeTTi says:
You are kidding me? SW Rebellion is one of the best PC games ever.
Avatar Sammy Moore says:
Rebellion’s a great game that unfortunately has a very poor interface. Once you get used to it, it’s fun and challenging.
Avatar Allen says:
Star Wars Rebellion was one of the best games of my child hood. I would stay up into the early hours of the morning playing that game.

Why no Star Wars Kinect is on this list is beyond me.

Avatar Robert Parker says:
Star Wars: Rebellion was an awesome game. I wish my modern PC would still run it. Perhaps the developers should make a vastly updated Rebellion 2!
Avatar Youngie76 says:
Rebellion was awesome. Even better against a human player. By far the best SW strategy game. Get with the program
Avatar William Thomas says:
Screw Tekrevue for its ridiculously annoying pop up asking me to subscribe with each page in the article. You can shove a light saber where the sun don’t shine
Avatar TekRevue says:
Hey William, I’m sorry about that. The popup should only appear once, on the first page, and not keep reappearing. I’ll check with our Push Notification service ASAP.

By chance are you blocking cookies or running an ad blocker (or any other setting that would prevent the code from remembering that you already dismissed it)?

Avatar James Tompsett says:
Saying Empire at War is better than Rebellion is like saying the prequels are better than the original trilogy.

The effects might have been prettier, and the lightsaber battles flashier, but where was the soul man, where was the soul?

Avatar Mark Becker says:
I disagree with #5. Jedi Power Battles was and still is one of the best Star Wars games ever made. Sure it had some bugs…but what PS1 game from 99 didn’t? I still play that over Battlefront 2 sometimes. 16 years still going strong? That’s more than you can say about other games. JPB deserves to be on the Best Star Wars Games list. No doubt.
Avatar Michael Duquette says:
What is judging this games on? If he is comparing them with games of today, that is pretty foolish. Fella should judge things with games of their time. Jedi power battle was a pretty game for its time.
Avatar Oranji Juusu says:
Star Wars Episode I: Gungan Frontier is at least close to earning a place on this list.
Avatar Sean Roberts says:
How is EA taking the rights for Lucas Arts games in anyway a good thing? You do realize EA is the most hated game publisher on Earth right?
Avatar TekRevue says:
Sean, I hate to break it to you (because nobody hated EA more in the past than me), but the company has changed a lot in the past year or two. New leadership (Andrew Wilson), more consumer-friendly return policies, more engagement with consumers (i.e., the multiple Humble Bundle charity events), and the fact that they seem to be taking their time with their first major Star Wars game (the EA of old would have rushed Battlefront) all point to a company that is certainly improving.

On top of all of that, please tell me the last time that Lucasarts did something positive with the Star Wars franchise. The studio was effectively dead, and had let the IP languish for years. The fact that new Star Wars games were announced within weeks of the Disney purchase and EA license agreement underscores the disparity in priorities between Lucasarts (what was left of it, anyway) and its successors.

I loved Lucasarts games during the studio’s golden years, and sure, I wish that it could have remained strong and kept pumping out quality titles. But it was dead, long dead, by the time it was official dismantled. And you’re free to go on hating EA (they’re far from perfect, of course, and they’ll need to prove they can sustain their improved policies). But to argue that Star Wars fans eager for new games aren’t better off now than they were three years ago is objectively absurd.

Avatar Treyvon Darnell Morant says:
I found power battles fun but that was back when I was young that I played it. I’d love to give it another try just to see if I still find it good.
Avatar Richard White says:
I did actually enjoy Rebellion, but more for the novelty than anything else.
Avatar Nate Barrett says:
I really don’t know how anyone could write “the future is bright” with a franchise in the hands of EA, a notoriously greedy company who have all but destroyed every franchise they’ve absorbed.
Avatar John Casey Dean says:
I really enjoyed Jedi power battles when I was younger. I feel like going back yi it would be rough, but that can be said for most games we loved as kids. Other than platformers most genres don’t hold up well over time, at least from my observations.
Avatar Iain Mac says:
I’ve heard the non dreamcast versions weren’t as good, but from my experience jedi power battles was fantastic. I went out and bought a dreamcast the second I played it. My friend and I have a save file @ 99%(I think there’s a glitch, qui gon won’t max out). Survival mode was brutal hard to finish but it unlocks ultimate saber so the one hit kills thing adds to the realness. Not to mention it was really the only thing before cline wars that had adi gala, ki adi mundi and plo koon(i was super bummed watching ki adi mundi get taken out in ep 3).

Republic heroes has a similar feel but lacks the difficulty.

I had high hopes for rebellion, but the only way to play without being bored to death which made the computer near impossible, and multiplayer games took longer than risk. So I get why it made the list.

No dark forces jedi knight? Come on it was far better than jedi outcast(as was jedi academy, but they’re all worthy)

Avatar Johnny P says:
Honestly surprised Force Unleashed II wasnt in here…graphics were okay, but repetative enimies, and a story that took 4.5-6 hrs to beat was terribly disappointing.
Avatar Paul Peterson says:
Yoda stories? A random generating ultimately replayable star wars adventure? awesome to me
Avatar Johnstradomus says:
First Obi Wan and then Jedi Power Battles? I respectfully agree to disagree. Perhaps it was poor marketing to be faulted here for their lack of commercial success.
Avatar Johnstradomus says:
I figured Star Wars Obi Wan would be on this after it failed to make the best games list. The lightsaber combat, multiplayer and story were fun and one of the only drawbacks was the camera at times.
Avatar Miles Hilario says:
It’s funny that one of my most memorable Playstation games is Masters of Teras Kasi and it was impossible to find when I repurchased the first playstation many years later. Granted when I got the game I was only 7. Viewing a youtube clip of the game makes me realize that I’m glad I never found it or I would have been disappointed. 😛 I think I was too excited over the fact that I could play as Darth Vader and I always kicked my older brother’s ass at it. 😀
Avatar Franklin Sherwood Holland III says:
Rancor Rampage was pretty fun too
Avatar Shannon says:
I’d have to add Star Wars Arcade for the Sega 32x. No plot, horrible voice acting & incredibly tough level design. I’m a die hard star wars fan & with unlimited time on my hands but I still couldn’t stomach this game.
Avatar ssmithjr says:
MoTK was great! Why isn’t SWG-NGE on this list?
Avatar bandack says:
i loved jedi power battles

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