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Posted by Andrew on October 24, 2018

Nowadays, more bits are better. But not for all.
There are people who love the aesthetics of 8-bit art. Why? Well, we can’t explain. Maybe we are nostalgic about the 8-bit era — those who spent days sitting in front of the TV with Atari VCS connected would never forget that time. Or maybe it’s just an attraction to beautiful things. No one knows.
If you are one of us, you’ve just come to the right place. The thing is, we are all about 8-bit art here — so if you need anything, just take it.
And when we say “anything”, we mean images, of course. We have lots of them here, tons of pictures about anything. That’s what we are talking about.
However, right here we have only love pictures. What’s cool about 8-bit images is that they have their own… we’ve already said “aesthetics” twice, so… they have their own style, and even if you can’t describe this style, it could never be confused with anything else.
We mean that, well, even if the 8-bit pictures are about love, they are still not like the other love pictures. Elegance, simplicity, style — these three words probably more or less describe the reasons why 8-bit images are different. And that’s why we all love them.
As for the images at this page, well, they are just great. The quotes are amazing and deep — and, of course, we know that you will see something different behind these images. Because, well, everyone sees something different behind them.
Ofc, they’ll suit your Tumblr account perfectly, but that’s not the main point. You can just sit, look at these images and think about something inside you — cause they can really make you think.
Along with that, they are just beautiful. It doesn’t matter whether you are millenial or not, it doesn’t matter whether you played Atari when you were a child or not, it doesn’t even matter if you are in love with someone or not — these 8-bit images are worth your attention even if you have three “no”. It’s a pure beauty, pure elegance, pure… aesthetic, yes  — so you just can’t ignore these images. Just take a look.
See more here: http://8bitfiction.com/
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bit 2
bit 3
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bit 8
bit 9
bit 10
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