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Posted by Andrew on November 13, 2018

Songs about love and relationships will always be in great demand among people of all ages and generations. 80’s love music is considered to be iconic and even classic! There are not many people that have never listened to the eighties love songs. They’re special due to the special feelings you get while listening to any of the 80’s songs about love!
Don’t think that 80’s love ballads are only for those who lived in that period! Both 80’s slow songs and quick dancing hits will leave nobody indifferent! Just choose at least a few 1980’s hit songs about love, and you won’t be able to stop listening to the whole list of 1980’s love songs!
Either you are in the mood of nostalgia or just want to review the previous generation’s taste in music, popular 80’s love songs will help you to dip into the atmosphere of those times with iconic songs!

The Best 80’s Love Songs for Her

As a rule, girls are very romantic and impressionable. They are crazy about touching music that can melt their hearts. This is exactly about 80’s love songs hits! It doesn’t really matter if you’re a girl, looking for a romantic love song, or a boy, trying to impress a girlfriend, because the best 80’s love songs for her will become a good choice in both situations!

  • How ’Bout Us” by Champaign

“No sense in draggin’ on past our needs”

  • Hello” by Lionel Richie

“You’re all I’ve ever wanted, and my arms are open wide”

  • Waiting for a Girl Like You” by Foreigner

“So long, I’ve been looking too hard, I’ve waiting too long
Sometimes I don’t know what I will find”

  • Suddenly” by Billy Ocean

“Girl you’re everything a man could want and more”

  • A Groovy Kind Of Love” by Phil Collins

“When I’m feeling blue, all I have to do
Is take a look at you, then I’m not so blue”

  • Every Woman in the World” by Air Supply

“You’re everything I need, you’re everything to me”

  • Only You” by Yaz

“All I needed was the love you gave”

  • Lady” by Kenny Rogers

“You have made me what I am and I am yours”

Greatest Rock Love Songs of the 80’s

All rock songs of the eightieth can be characterized as the most emotional and touching. This is really true, especially when we’re talking about wonderful rock songs about love. Rock love songs of the 80’s are the greatest idea to use to understand the deep nature of love and music. Don’t lose the opportunity to listen to the best rock songs about love that were so popular in those distant 80s!

  • Is This Love?” by Whitesnake

“…with you I’ve found the key
To open any door”

  • Lost In Love” by Air Supply

“Lost in love and I don’t know much
Was I thinking aloud and fell out of touch?”

  • Even the Nights Are Better” by Air Supply

“Even the nights are better
Now that we’re here together”

  • Heaven” by Bryan Adams

“And love is all that I need”

  • You Make My Dreams” by Hall

“The candle feeds the flame”

  • The Power Of Love” by Huey Lewis

“…I ain’t the way you found me
And I’ll never be the same….”

  • With Or Without You” by U2

“Through the storm we reach the shore”

  • Faithfully” by Journey

“And being apart ain’t easy on this love affair”

  • Love Walks In” by Van Halen

“Till we meet again some other day
Where silence speaks as loud as war”

  • The Search Is Over” by Survivor

“Now I look into your eyes
I can see forever,
The search is over”

Top Sad Love Songs from the 80s

Great songs about love that comes from the time of mad 80s are full of different emotions and feelings. Sadness is one of such feelings, represented by 80’s songs about love. If you’re looking for something that can melt your heart or touch the soul of your partner, top sad love songs from the 80s won’t disappoint you!

  • If You Were Here Tonight” by Alexander O’Neal

“Every night alone I just wait here anticipating
For the day I won’t feel this pain baby”

  • Sweet Love” by Anita Baker

“There’s no stronger love in this world”

  • You’re the Best Thing” by Style Council

“I could runaway
But I’d rather stay
In the warmth of your smile lighting up my day”

  • You Give Good Love” by Whitney Houston

“Take this heart of mine
Into your hands”

  • I Would Die 4 U” by Prince

“I’m not your lover
I’m not your friend
I am something that you’ll never comprehend”

  • Careless Whisper” by George Michael

“Tonight the music seems so loud
I wish that we could lose this crowd”

  • Against All Odds” by Phil Collins

“How can you just walk away from me
When all I can do is watch you leave?”

  • You & I” by Eddie Rabbitt & Crystal Gayle

“… I know in time
We’ll build the dreams we treasure”

Classic Love Songs of the 1980s for Him

Classic songs about love cannot but attract the attention of all people. It’s impossible not to fall in love while one of the following songs of the 1980s sounds. In the case you have a desire to seduce a boy, a romantic date, followed by the best classic love songs, will do its best! Find more amazing 80’s songs about love below:

  • Your Love is King” by Sade

“Touching the very part of me
It’s making my soul sing”

  • All Night Long” by Mary Jane Girls

“And boy, I can’t wait to get started lovin’ you”

  • Thinking Of You” by Sister Sledge

“I’m thinking of you and the things you do to me
That makes me love you, now I’m living in ecstasy”

  • Secret Lovers” by Atlantic Starr

“How could something so wrong be so right”

  • Crazy for You” by Madonna

“I’m crazy for you
Touch me once and you’ll know it’s true”

  • Hurt So Bad” by Linda Ronstadt

“You loved me before please love me again”

  • Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler

“Your love is like a shadow on me all of the time”

  • I Hate Myself for Loving You” by Joan Jett

“I hate myself for loving you
Can’t break free from the things that you do”

  • Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship

“Lookin’ in your eyes
I see a paradise”

  • Tonight, I Celebrate My Love” by Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack

“Tonight no one’s gonna find us
We’ll leave the world behind us”

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