How To Add Gifs To an Instagram Story

Posted by Max Moeller on March 5, 2019

As you may know, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet. The space is on par with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Some might even argue that Instagram is the most popular space of all, but that discussion is for another time.

If you’re on Instagram, you’re likely aware of its many features such as posting photos and videos, sharing content with your friends, direct messages to others, posting stories, and more. However, you may have been looking at popular Instagram stories or even your friend’s stories and noticed moving images on top of them.

These moving images, otherwise known as GIFs, are replayable little chunks of frames that give off a certain sense of emotion or feeling. Users will use them to emote happiness or sadness, to make others laugh, or simply to exemplify a point. There really is a GIF for every situation, and if somehow there isn’t, you can make one incredibly easily and share it with the world!

That said, you may be wondering how you can add GIFs to your own Instagram stories. These emoticons will definitely up your content to the next level, especially if you have an extensive knowledge of different GIFs to pull from.

No matter your reasoning, in this guide, we’re going to show you how to incorporate GIFs into your Instagram stories so you can make your content game the best it can be.

How To Add GIFs to Instagram Stories

If you look within the Instagram Stories customization settings, you’ll notice all sorts of different options from music to stickers to location tags, and more! In this case, however, we’re going to focus solely on GIFs.

No matter if you’re on iOS or Android, the process of adding GIFs to Instagram stories is the same thing on either device.

Start by creating content to add to your Instagram story. This can be a video or a photo, but make it exciting and engaging! Once the post is ready, move to the top right-hand corner of your screen and click on the sticker button. Here, you’ll see all of the aforementioned features that can be used to customize your Instagram stories.

Search through the list and find the GIF feature. When selected, you will see some of the top GIPHY selections alongside a search bar for you to be more exact with your selections. When you’ve found a GIF that works for you, simply click on it and it will add to your story. From here, you can drag it around to your preferred space, pinch it to increase or decrease its size, and even rotate it if you wanted it upside down for some reason. Either way, it’s there for you to do what you want with it.

Some GIFs will be flashy, while others will be more mundane. Make sure you choose one that fits the style of your Instagram story content.

Pinning Instagram GIFs

If you have a video, you can actually have the GIF and the content interact with each other via pinning. Pinning is simply “locking” a GIF or a sticker onto a moving object within the video. As the video plays out, the GIF will follow it for as long as the item is in frame.

For example, if there is a dog running from left to right across your piece of content, you can “pin” a funny mask GIF to it. Take the mask GIF and hold it on top of the dog. From there, a “Pin” option will appear on the bottom of your screen. Drag it along the moving item for the length it stays on screen. Once finished, you can click on the “Pin” button once again to confirm the adjustment.

Voila! You’ve now pinned a GIF to your video content. Make sure to stay creative with it.

Now, keep in mind that GIFs on your content can help you build a brand for yourself. It’s good to have a set of different GIFs that you can use that work with the image you’re trying to establish. That in mind, ensure that your GIFs match other parts of your brand like the music you place, the messages you share, and hell, even the font you pick. Jump onto trends and tailor your content to what people are talking about. Post a mixture of videos and photos so users stay engaged. Everything helps.

With all of that in mind, go out there and build your brand for good.

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