How To Add Images or Video to an Existing Instagram Story

Posted by Jamie on December 18, 2018

Instagram is a hugely popular social media platform that enables users to share images and video with their friends. There are new features being added to Instagram all the time, but today I’m going to show you how to perform a basic function that many users actually don’t know is possible to do in Instagram. If you have an existing Instagram Story and want to add images or video to it, it’s easy to do! In this brief tutorial article, I will show you how to add images or video to an existing Instagram Story.

Stories are one of Instagram’s most interesting features. They are modeled (*cough* copied *cough*) from a similar element in Snapchat, and they allow you to tell a tale using multiple images or video clips in series like a slideshow. It is one of Instagram’s most used and most loved features.

Creating Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories last for 24 hours (although you can Highlight them to keep them longer) and can be viewed by the world or just by your followers, depending on how you set your privacy up.

Creating Instagram Stories is very straightforward.

  1. Open Instagram and select the + (plus) icon that sits inside a circle in the top left of the main screen.
  2. Take the images or video using the camera and edit them if required.
  3. Select the check mark at the bottom of the screen once edited to add the image to your Story.

Once your Story has been created, you will see your profile image appear at the top of the news feed. Select it to access your creation at any time while it is live.

Editing Instagram Stories

Once created, if you want to edit or add images or video to an existing Instagram Story, you can. You can edit images, add images or change text and effects as you see fit.

Open the Instagram app and select your profile image from the news feed to access your story. From there you can do whatever you like.

To add existing images to a story from your gallery:

  1. Open the camera and select the Gallery icon in the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Swipe down from the top of the screen to access your gallery images.
  3. Select the image or images you want to add to a story and edit as normal.

Only images taken in the past 24 hours will appear here as Stories are all about that time period. If you don’t see the image you’re looking for, it may be older than that and will not be able to be used.

To add an image to an existing story:

  1. Select your profile image from your news feed to access your story.
  2. Swipe down from the top of the screen to access your gallery images.
  3. Select the image or images you want to add to a story and edit as normal.

You will be able to then save the story and republish it with the new addition.

Use older images in Instagram Stories

The main limitation with Instagram Stories is that you can only use images that are less than 24 hours old. The stories themselves only last 24 hours so provides a snapshot of that day in your life. The trouble is, if you have a stunning image that you want to use that is older than that, you cannot use it. Or can you?

There is a simple way to use an older image in an Instagram Story.

  1. Open the image you want to use in your phone’s normal gallery.
  2. Take a screenshot of it and save it.
  3. Open Instagram and create a story as described above.

The image should appear when you swipe down to access your gallery as it was created less than 24 hours ago. This is a simple way to be able to use older images.

You can also change the date stamp on the image but that takes a little more work. I have tried it by connecting my phone to my computer, finding the image and changing the name to reflect todays date. It then appeared later in the DCIM folder on the phone and was picked up by Instagram. The screenshot method is faster though, and you don’t need to use a computer to do it either.

Instagram Stories are a neat feature of the app that make just that little bit more interesting. The time-limited nature of them is both a benefit and a bane of the system but forces you to be creative quickly. It also means you don’t have to scroll through weeks’ worth of other stories to get to the most recent.

One thought on “How To Add Images or Video to an Existing Instagram Story”

Leia says:
Hi, I think I’m missing something. When I tap my Story to add more to it later, it just plays. I don’t see where I add more stuff. I’m using an Android, if that makes a difference.
Leia says:
I see what I was doing wrong. Instead of tapping g the Story icon, I needed to long-press it. Then a minj menu comes up to add to my Story.

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