How to add new clocks to Windows 10’s Start menu and Desktop

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Windows 10 includes a system tray clock on its taskbar. However, there are a few ways to add new clocks to Windows if you need more than one for alternative time zones. You can add new clocks to the Start menu with the Alarms & Clock app, and 8GadgetPack Tools is a good software package to add clocks to the desktop with.

Add New Clocks to the Start Menu

First, check out the Alarms & Clock app included with Windows 10. This is an app that you can set up alarms in Windows with. In addition to that, it also enables you to add clock tiles to the Start menu. Enter ‘Alarms and Clocks’ into the Cortana search box to open the window below.

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To add a new clock to the Start menu, first click World Clock on the app’s window. Press New to open a text box where you can enter a location to find a clock for. The text box will show you cities that match the keyword, so it’s probably best to input a capital there. Then select a location to add a clock to the map.

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Now you can add that clock to the Start menu by right-clicking it on the map and selecting Pin to Start.  A window opens requesting confirmation to add the clock to the Start menu. Click Yes and open the Start menu, which will now include a new clock tile on it as shown directly below.

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Add New Clocks to the Desktop

To add new clocks to your desktop, check out the 8GadgetPack Tools software. This restores gadgets in Windows 10 and 8. Click Download v19.0 on the site to save its setup to Windows. Open the setup to add it to your software library, and open the program’s window below.

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Click the Add gadget option there to open the window directly below. That includes four clock gadgets for you to choose from. Select Clock to add an analogue clock to the desktop. Or you could select Hud Timer or Reminder to add a digital alternative to the desktop.

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Then you can drag and position the clock anywhere on the desktop by left-clicking the gadget and holding the mouse button. Each clock has its own set of customization options you can select by clicking their spanner icons. Note that they match your system tray clock by default, but the Clock and FlipClock gadgets do include time zone options.

So with 8GadgetPack Tools and Alarms & Clocks you can add new clocks with alternative time zones to the desktop and Start menu in Windows 10. They’ll come in handy if you ever need to be clear of the time in another country. Or if you remove the taskbar from the desktop with the Auto-hide the taskbar option, you can still have a clock on desktop. 

Posted by Matthew on September 22, 2016

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