How To Add New Page On Home Screen Of Essential PH1

In this article, we will show you how to add a new page on the home screen of your Essential PH1. This feature allows the user to organize the home screen by adding new “pages” where the user can place apps and folders in his or her desired order and presentation. Below, we will show you how to do so, in an easy step-by-step list.

Smartphones, such as the Essential PH1, come out of the box with preloaded applications installed by default called bloatware. Bloatwares are applications who are considered less useful due to being additional waste in disk space and being redundant to other applications by your phone’s OS. Examples of these are duplicate music players, one from Android (Google Play Music), and another from Essential. Both apps have the same functionality, therefore it is okay to uninstall one of them to save more disk space.

Having extra disk space means more memory for other apps or widgets that you can place on your home screen. This is where adding pages to your home screen becomes useful, to group your many applications into clusters and allowing for them to work as shortcuts for better accessibility, and to avoid the screen from filling up with clutter. If you want to know how to add pages to your home screen on your Essential PH1, just follow the instructions we have prepared below.

Adding Pages to Your Essential PH1 Home Screen

  1. Switch on your Essential PH1
  2. Proceed to your phone’s home screen
  3. Press and hold the left soft key button
  4. The home screen should shrink on your screen, and a menu showing different options will appear
  5. Browse through the existing pages. Once you have reached the last page, a new one with a plus button will appear
  6. Tap on this plus button, and Voila! A new page is made on screen

Alternative Method of Adding a Page to the Home Screen

  1. Power ON your Essential PH1
  2. Tap on a blank area of the home screen, then hold
  3. Choose the “Page” option from the menu that appears

Removing a Page from the Home Screen

  1. Turn your Essential PH1 device on
  2. Tap and hold the Recents button from the home screen
  3. Select and hold the page you want to delete, then drag it to the trash can icon

Following the steps above, you will now be able to add or remove pages, or move them around your home screen on your Essential PH1. Doing so will save you space and gives you the custom accessibility you want on your phone.

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