How to Add New Search Buttons to Google

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Google is everybody’s favorite search engine, right? However, as it finds so many pages it’s not always easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Narrowing your searches will find more specific pages, and you can do exactly that with the Google Search Extra Buttons script, which adds extra search buttons to Google.

Google Search Extra Buttons is a user script, not an extension, which you can add to the browser with Tampermonkey. As such, first open this page and add the Tampermonkey extension to Google Chrome. Then you’ll find a Tampermonkey button on the toolbar as shown below.

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Then you’ll need to add the Google Search Extra Buttons script to Chrome from this page. Press the Install this script button to add it to the browser. Then open the Google search engine in your browser. It should include some new search buttons on it as in the snapshot below.

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Now enter a keyword into the search engine and click one of the blue buttons. For example, press the DOC button there, and then press the Return key. That will find only DOC files that match the keyword you entered.

Alternatively, you can press search buttons that will limit the search results to those pages that have only been more recently updated. For example, input a keyword and then click the 5W button. Then you can select to include only pages updated in the last one to 10 weeks.

To select a data range, click the from/to button on Google. That will open the Customized date range box shown below. Then you can enter dates in the From and To text boxes, or you can select the dates from the calendar. Click the Go button to search for pages that fall within those dates.

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To switch off the Google Search Extra Buttons script, click the Tampermonkey button with the Google page tab selected. Then you can select a Google Search Extra Buttons option there that will be switched on. Click that option to disable the script.

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For further options, press the Tampermonkey button and select Dashboard. That will open a list of your Tampermonkey scripts. Then you can delete or edit scripts from there by pressing the Delete or Edit buttons under Actions. Selecting edit opens a script editor that you can adjust the code with.

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Those extra buttons on Google will certainly come in handy when searching for pages. There are also lots of other scripts that you can add to Chrome with the Tampermonkey extension. The Greasy Fork site includes a directory of scripts that you can add to the browser.  

Posted by Matthew on July 7, 2016

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