How to add a new Toolbar to File Explorer


We previously talked about how to add tabs to File Explorer in Windows 10. You can also add a new toolbar to File Explorer with QTTabBar. This is a program compatible with Windows 7 or later, and it has a lot of options for you to set up a new toolbar with.

First, open this page and click QTTabBar ver 1038 to save the software’s Zip. You can run the setup wizard from there without extracting the Zip folder. When you’ve added the software to Windows, open File Explorer, select the View tab and click Options. That will open the menu below, which should include new QT options on it.


So now you can select QT Command Bar from that menu to add a new toolbar to File Explorer as shown in the shot below. The new toolbar has a variety of options on it. For example, it includes a search box, a move up to parent folder option and menu with copy file options on it.


You can also customize this toolbar by adding options to it or removing them. You can remove options from the toolbar by right-clicking a button on it to open its context menu. Then select Remove from bar to remove the button.

To add new options to the toolbar, right-click it, select New items and Create new to open the window shown below. Select Basic command from the Type of command drop-down list. Then click the Command ID drop-down list and select an option to add to the toolbar from there. Press the OK button to add the button to toolbar.


There’s also a second toolbar you can add to File Explorer. Right-click the first QT toolbar, select Toolbars and Command Bar 2. That will add a second QT toolbar to File Explorer as below, which largely includes shortcuts to library folders and system tools.


That’s a good toolbar to add file and folder shortcuts to. You can do that by opening the New command window as before. Select File & Folder from the drop-down list.  Press the … button beside the Path text box to choose a folder to add to the toolbar, and then click OK to close the window.

Overall, these new QT toolbars are much more flexible than the default ones in File Explorer. You can add a multitude of options and shortcuts to them. Note that QT also has a tab bar for folder tabs that you can select from the Options button on View tab.

Posted by Matthew on April 26, 2016

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