How to add a new search and Run Text box to Windows 10’s Start Menu


This Windows 10 hotkeys article covered how to customize the Start menu with Windows 10’s options. However, you can customize it further with extra software. Some software packages add new Start menus to Windows 10, and Labrys is one along those lines. With that you can add a Run and search box Start menu.

First, open this Softpedia page from which you can add Labrys to Windows 10, 8 or 7. Press the Download Button to save the Labrys installer. Open the installer to add the software to Windows 10. Then open your new Start menu in the snapshot below.


The most notable aspect of this new Start menu is the text box at the top. That serves as both a search bar and a Run text box. To open Run you would usually press the Win key + R, but this text box is basically Run at the top of the Start menu. So you could open something like the Command Prompt by entering ‘cmd‘ there and clicking Execute.

Microsoft removed the search box from Windows 10’s Start menu. However, the Labrys Start menu text box is also a search box where you can enter keywords to find matching software titles and folders on the menu. It does not search for things that aren’t on the Start menu.

Aside from that, Labrys has an alphabetical index of software shortcuts and folders, which is similar to what you have on the default Windows 10 Start menu. However, it’s not entirely the same as the new Start menu has index letters on the left that you can select to jump to software and folders with.

The tiles on the right of the menu have gone. A Jump List menu replaces them. Click one of the arrows beside a software package to open its Jump List as shown below.


Add more folder content to the Start menu by clicking Settings to open the window below. Scroll down that window until you get to Apps shortcuts folders. Press the Add folders button and choose a folder, and then press OK to close the window. That will add all the documents and software included in the folder on the Start menu.


Labrys has a Compact mode that shrinks the icons. Select Compact mode at the top of the Settings window. Press OK to exit the window, and then open the Start menu.

To alter the menu’s color scheme, click the Use Windows theme colors checkbox on Settings window if it’s selected. Then double-click one of the color options and choose an alternative color from the palette, and click OK to apply settings.


With a new search and Run text box at the top, this might be better alternative than the default Windows 10 Start menu. However, with the tiles removed Labrys also restricts the number of shortcuts you can include on the menu.

Posted by Matthew on April 11, 2016

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