How To Add Stickers or Emoji to Instagram Stories

In its escalating war with Snapchat, Instagram has released a torrent of new features to draw users away from the disappearing photo app and back toward the Instagram fold. The biggest of these features is Instagram Stories, which allows users to create collections of images that disappear after only 24 hours. Sound familiar? That’s probably because it is a direct imitation of Snapchat’s My Story feature, which does pretty much the same thing.

With over 200 million users reported using the feature each day, Instagram’s version is far and away the most popular, and they’ve capitalized on this success by adding new tools to the experience. As of last December, it is now possible to add stickers and emoji to your Instagram Story photos and videos. They didn’t stop there though. Last March, they added geostickers to the sticker collection and just this month (April), they’ve added selfie stickers, making it possible to use photos to comment on other photos.

How do you take advantage of these creative new features? In a word, easily.

Adding Sticker or Emoji to Instagram Stories

Before you can add stickers, you need an image. Start by launching your Instagram Stories camera. This can be done in one of two ways.

1. Launch Instagram and make sure you are in your feed (aka the Home Screen).

2. Open the Stories camera by either swiping right on the screen or tapping on the camera icon in the upper left hand corner.

Now it’s time to take a picture or video. Once you’ve captured your image, you’ll be given the opportunity to make edits and add stickers before it’s added to Stories. Today, we’ll just be covering the stickers part.

1. Tap on the smiling sticker icon at the top of the photo.


2. Scroll through the sticker options. Tap on one to select it.

3. Adjust the sticker on the image in the following ways:

  • Touch it with one finger to move it around the image.


  • Touch it with two fingers and twist to rotate it.
  • Touch it with two fingers and spread or pinch those fingers to make it larger or smaller.


  • Touch it with one finger and drag it to the trash icon that appears at the bottom of the image to remove it.
  • Tap it for other forms of the sticker.


4. Repeat to add as many stickers as you want!


Special Instagram Stickers and How They Work

As we mentioned above, Instagram has recently added geostickers and selfie stickers. These stickers don’t behave in the exact same way as others. Here are some tips for taking advantage of these features.

Geostickers might show up automatically or might need to be found and added. Look to the top of your sticker collection when you go to add a sticker to an image or video. You might see some preset stickers based on your location. If you don’t or if you don’t like those stickers, you can do the following:

1. Tap on the Location sticker. This should be one of the first stickers available.


2. Select the location you want to display from the list. Instagram will display your nearby locations. However, you can search for a distant location.

3. Adjust the sticker to your liking.


Selfie stickers will allow you to take an off the cuff photo that effectively turns your selfie into an emoji.

1. Tap on the camera sticker. This should also be on the first available stickers.


2. A small rounded window will pop up in which you can take your selfie. Center your face and take the photo.

  • There is no zoom function on the phone for this selfie. You will need to physically move the camera further away from or closer to your face.
  • If you want to expand or reduce the size of the window, touch it with two fingers and spread or pinch them. This will not zoom the image in or out. You can also to this after the photo is taken.

3. Adjust the photo the way you would any other image.

  • Tap the photo if you want to change the border.


Post Sharing Editing

Unfortunately, you can’t edit the stickers or emoji on a photo after it’s been shared to your story. You can, however, delete the photo and try again.

Posted by Sydney on April 20, 2017

10 thoughts on “How To Add Stickers or Emoji to Instagram Stories”

TefaM. says:
Now I know that I’m not the only one with the problem, i really hate not to have the nice stickers…
Anita says:
I just created a new IG account to see if the stickers would appear and it did on the new account. I don’t understand why some of our accounts have the sticker option disabled?? Seems ridiculous to have to create a new account iust to have access to the stickers hope they can fix the issue
Amy says:
Yeah I have it on my buisness account but not my personal. It makes no sense. I’ve deleted and updated a few times now and nothing works. I’ve also reported it too many times to count at this point and nothing!
Anita says:
Glad to know I’m not the only with this problem I was getting so frustrated because I had them before and now I don’t have them 🙁
TefaM. says:
The same happened with me
Crizzy says:
Same problem! Never had the days of the week stickers huhu Hope IG fixes this!
Mickey says:
Same. Never had any of the Fun Phrases stickers or the Days of the week, or even the holiday ones (mothers’ day et al). Annoying – reported it already several times too
Anita says:
Same here and it’s soooo frustrating!
Nic says:
I don’t have the days stickers like Monday or Friyay or stickers like lit and so on. How do I avail of these?
naslib_92 says:
SAME!!! please help! My story line is so lame without them XD
Amy says:
Has anyone discovered a fix for this? I’m having the same problem. Super frustrating.
Katie Cole says:
No solution over here. I just updated my app today, and still not fixed. I just try and report the issue to IG every time I think about it. I agree though, SUPER FRUSTRATING! I have been dealing with this for months.
huhu kitty says:
Yes, it’s really frustrating. I also hope, that there will be a new bug fix update soon.
Missy says:
Have the same problem…
huhu kitty says:
I have the same problems. Only got 2 tabs instead of 3 and only have Emojis, Time, Location, Temeperature and Selfie. The other stickers are gone :/
Katie Cole says:
Me too! Hopefully IG will fix the bug soon. I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one. Maybe just keep reporting the problem until they can fix it. It’s so frustrating.
Shea says:
I’m having the same problem too!! How do we get the other stickers back??
Katie Cole says:
I have no idea! I report the problem almost every day to iG! I’m so mad about this! Please keep us informed if you are able to fix this! I will do the same! KatieCole49 is my Instagram if you want to message there.
ashley says:
i am having the same issue!! if tried googling it and reporting it to ig! if you find it please let me know my ig is ashleymargarett
Tali says:
Great!!! Tnx! I don’t have any geostickers, beside location… How can i fix it?
Katie says:
I’m having the same problem! I’ve updated my phone and the app. Logged out. Restarted phone and app, etc…Were you able to fix it?? If so, can you please share how you did it? Thanks!!
Kelly says:
Having the same problem! Had them for awhile and then they just disappeared

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