How to adjust the audio level in Windows 10 with Hotkeys

Posted by Matthew on November 21, 2018

You may be one of those Windows users who will never, ever switch to Apple, no matter how shiny, sleek, or trendy their products. PCs are cheaper, just as powerful, and infinitely more customizable. And yet… there are those moments when you glance at the person sitting beside you at the cafe and see them do something on their MacBook Pro you wish you could on your Lenovo–such as adjust the volume with a hotkey. How simple! But don’t go sprinting over to the dark side just yet. You can easily set this up on Windows–and even make it look just like a Mac. You just need to install a handy little app called 3RVX.

In addition to letting you assign whatever hotkeys you wish to control your system audio, with 3RVX you can also customize the appearance, and even fine tune just how the volume responds to your commands (you can’t do that on macOS!).

First, download and install the latest version of 3RVX from the developer’s website. Once installed, launch the application from the Windows Start Menu. This will pull up the 3RVX settings.

Click on the Hotkeys tab to customize the hotkeys for volume adjustment. At first, there will not be any default hotkeys. You’ll have to add some manually.



Click on the + button to add a new hotkey. Then click on the grey bar by “Keys” in the Hotkey Editor. A dialog box will appear asking you to type a hotkey. Try to use something that is not already assigned to another system function. I recommend using the Windows key with a Mouse Wheel action, if your mouse has a scrollwheel. Once you’ve selected a hotkey, you’ll then need to assign it to an action. Click the Action menu in the Hotkey Editor, and select whether you want the hotkey you just typed to increase, decrease, or mute the audio. You’ll notice you can also assign actions to increasing or decreasing the screen brightness, opening the CD tray, and more.

Try adding hotkeys for increasing, decreasing, and muting the audio, and then be sure to click the Apply button. To test it out, close the 3RVX app (it won’t work while the settings are open). Now, when you type your hotkey, you should see an audio icon overlay appear on your screen, almost identical to the macOS.


To run this program at startup, select the General tab, which includes a Run on startup option. Click Save to apply the settings.

Now you can quickly adjust the volume on Windows with your fingers never leaving the keyboard. Open this Tech Junkie guide for further details on how you can add custom hotkeys to Windows 10.

3 thoughts on “How to adjust the audio level in Windows 10 with Hotkeys”

patrick says:
Is it possible to do this without using the default audio device? I have a software audio splitter so I can watch netflix and play games at one time. In order to get games to go to my headset, I set that as default and force swap the audio to my speakers. I’m looking for a work around for that. Otherwise the program is great.
Nexnz says:
Ok now create a app where you can adjust 1 applications volume but leave the rest intact e.g. a game while leaving discord chat volume the same!
Vivin NL says:
Awesome app

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