How to adjust the audio level in Windows 10 with Hotkeys

Posted by Matthew on September 26, 2016

Windows 10 doesn’t include any keyboard shortcuts to adjust the audio level with. It would be handy if there were three hotkeys you could press to increase, decrease or mute the system volume. There are, however, a multitude of third-party packages that you can set up some hotkeys to configure the audio with. 3RVX is one of those programs compatible with Windows 10.

First, open this page and click Download to save the 3RVX setup to Windows. Then run through the setup to add the program to your software library. When it’s running, you’ll find a 3RVX icon in the system tray. You can right-click that icon and select Settings to open the window in the snapshot below.


That window includes a Hotkey Setup tab. So click that tab to open a list of all the software’s default hotkeys that you can adjust the volume with as below. Note that none of these hotkeys work when the Settings window is open.


So to try out the default hotkeys, close the Settings window if it’s open. Then press the Win key and + to increase the volume. Press Win + – (otherwise OemMinus key) to decrease the audio level. Both will open the audio control indicator in the snapshot below. This is a replica of the volume icon in Mac OS X.


To mute the audio, press Win + Oem5 key. Alternatively, you can also press a keyboard/mouse combination. Press Win + the middle mouse button to mute and then unmute the sound.

There are also keyboard/mouse combos that increase or reduce the audio. Press the Win key and then roll the mouse wheel up to raise the audio level. Alternatively, press the Win key and roll the wheel down to reduce volume.

Those hotkeys are fully customizable. Select a keyboard shortcut listed on the Hotkey Setup tab, and then click its Key Combination box. Press a new hotkey or mouse combo and click Done. Click Save and then close the Settings window to apply the new keyboard shortcut.

To run this program on the startup, select the General tab. That tab includes a Run on startup option. So select that check box, and click Save to apply the settings.

So with 3RNX you don’t need the volume slider on Windows 10’s system tray. Instead, you can now press a triumvirate of hotkeys to mute, increase or decrease the audio. Open this Tech Junkie guide for further details on how you can add custom hotkeys to Windows 10. 

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Nexnz says:
Ok now create a app where you can adjust 1 applications volume but leave the rest intact e.g. a game while leaving discord chat volume the same!
Vivin NL says:
Awesome app

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