How to Adjust the Number of Images Displayed on Websites in Firefox

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Images slow down browsers, and you’ll certainly find that pages with lots of pictures take a little longer to open. As such, there are a few Firefox add-ons that enable you to remove all images from website pages. However, most of these extensions take an all or nothing approach as you can only remove all the pictures or keep them on. The Easy Image Blocker add-on for Firefox is one exception that enables you to remove all pictures from a page, but also selectively restore some of them if needed. So you can adjust the number of images displayed on a page.

This is the Mozilla page you can add Easy Image Blocker to Firefox from. Once you’ve added it the browser, you’ll find a new button for the extension on the toolbar. By default the button is selected with All blocks mode, which means that no images will now load on website pages as shown in the snapshot below.

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The add-on has four alternative modes. So to restore all the images on a page, you should click the button a few times to select Load all images. Hover the cursor over the button to open a tooltip that makes it clearer which operation mode you’ve selected. Then press the Reload current page button to restore all the images on a page.

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However, you don’t need to restore all the pictures on the page. To selectively restore just a few of the page images, right-click them to open the context menu in the snapshot below. This includes a Load Image option. Click that to reload just the selected picture. That context menu option gives this add-on much more flexibility than other alternatives.

The add-on includes some extra options you can open by entering ‘about:addons’ in the URL bar. Press the Options button for Easy Image Blocker to open its settings below. There you can choose an Initial operation mode from the drop-down menu. That menu includes Load cached images only and Load images on this site only.

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In addition, you can enter some sites to always load page images on even when you’ve selected All blocks. Enter the websites in the URLs of pages to load images text box. Then the specified sites will always have pictures on their pages.

So Easy Image Blocker is one of the best add-ons to strip images from sites with. The extra flexibility of its options enable you to open pages more quickly, but also retain some of the site images.

Posted by Matthew on October 31, 2016

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