The Adventurer Club is the Social Network That Wants to Get You Off the Couch

Posted by Jodi Jae on July 6, 2016

All social networks push interaction with other users, but most of those relationships are virtual in nature. Be honest: when was the last time you had lunch with one of your Facebook friends or talked on the phone with someone from your Google+ Circles? It’s rare, right?

A new social network hit the internet recently, and its sole goal is for you to make real connections with others who share your interests.

Meet The Adventurer Club

The Adventurer Club is a social network started by Baseline Creative, Inc., a team of entrepreneurs, creatives and writers, based in Wichita, Kansas. Tired of dealing with the boring status quo attached to current networks that tend to favor photos of meals over sharing actual food with those you love, The Adventurer Club has a different aim: to help you make actual connections with real people who share your passions.

The Adventurer Club is brand spanking new. Signing up for an account now means you get to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new venture and help form new groups and get your current friends on the bandwagon.

Getting started

sign up for Adventurer Club

There’s no iPhone or Android app (yet) for The Adventurer Club. To secure an account, point your browser here to sign up. You’ll need to input your name, set a username and password, verify your email, and agree to the terms and conditions. All simple stuff you’ve done hundreds of times before.

After you’ve completed the basic steps above, you’ll have the opportunity to add a few personal details if you like, including a profile picture, profile cover photo, and a listing of your hobbies and interests. You’ll obviously want to be as detailed as possible when choosing the things that you like to do since this is how The Adventurer Club works to help you make connections with like-minded folks.

Available interests and hobbies run the gamut from the athletic (yoga, cycling, hiking, etc.) to lifestyle choices (cigars, homebrewing, karaoke, etc.) to hobbies (sightseeing, cards, travel, etc.). The social network is debuting with around 40 interest areas, but promises to continue adding more as users request them.

activate The Adventurer Club email

Now that you’re done with the signup process, you’ll only need to verify your email address. Click the link that arrives by email after registering and you’re good-to-go.

Make some connections

The adventurer club dashboard

The dashboard for your account looks like the above image, and this is your home base for adding new friends, reading curated content pertaining to your interests, and creating events or joining ongoing local events where you can meet people in the flesh.

available events

To create an event, click the Create an Adventure button, as shown above, and enter the relevant details. You can also join an ongoing event with the click of a button, or search for events happening near you using the search fields shown in the image above.

Much like other social networks, there are groups you can become a member of within your range of interests. To do this, click the Groups dropdown menu on the upper-left of your screen and select an interest.

find groups

Inputting hiking into the groups search returns just one result for a local group in my zip code.

Again, this website and social media network is hot off the presses, so you’ll be part of the underground team getting it started. That means you’ll want to create local groups whenever you can to make connections in real life. You do that by clicking the Create Group button at the top of your screen. From there you can connect with others, add an event or conspire with new friends to plan a future get-together.

Lastly, you can see updates from friends and also add your own adventure details by updating your feed. This looks nearly identical to Facebook’s feed, so you should have no trouble catching on if you’re an avid Facebooker.

Adventurer Feed

The Adventurer Club is meant to get you up and off the couch and away from your computer. It’s not a social network designed for internet-only use, but one that encourages frequent face-to-face contact.

As Nathan Williams of Baseline Creative reported to Kansas.com, “The entire idea behind it is to promote an active lifestyle.”






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