Amazing Gift ideas for 3 years old Boys

Posted by Andrew on February 21, 2019

Three years is the first realized birthday of a child. The kid already understands that he is the hero of the day. Therefore, the gift should be especially bright and memorable.
To give gifts to a girl is easier – a lot of beautiful dresses, dolls, hairpins and she will be happy.  To guess the interests of future man is a little harder. Sometimes even parents are not always ready to answer what to give to a three-year boy.  Moreover, at this respectable age, a considerable number of toys for every fancy have accumulated in his playroom.
3 years is quite a serious age for the baby. Adults need to be attentive to this and arrange a merry holiday for a boy. So, how to choose the right gift? Well, let’s figure it out then!

Building Sets – popular toys for 3 year old boy

Building Sets popular toys for 3 year old boy
We are against interactive toys that do everything for a child when you click on a button. We are for simple toys, requiring the children to be included in the game as much as possible, so that they encourage him to come up with games himself. The best gift for the development of fantasy is the building set.
You can choose sets where there are additional elements, for example, a train, figures of animals and people. You can give several types of building sets: with small details for the development of fine motor skills, or with medium details and very large ones. It is desirable that the boy has several different sets, so that he can invent everything he wants, and is not limited in the amount of “building material”.
If you want the boy to develop logic and fine motor skills – give him a building set for his age. Moreover, this type of toy is represented in a large assortment.

Arts & Crafts set – top birthday gifts for 3 years old boy

Arts Crafts set top birthday gifts for 3 years old boy
Three years are a heavy age, a time of crisis and whims. Yesterday, this nice kid was benevolent and obedient, but today he is trying his best to show his independence. The art & crafts set will help calm the child and add positive emotions. Creativity is the second most important aspect of a child’s life after physical development.
For example, drawing is an activity familiar to us from childhood. Often a child, who does not really learn how to walk or talk, already takes a pencil or a marker and carefully draws something on a piece of paper or wallpaper of his room. Give the boy a set for creativity with elements for the drawing! There are also such children’s sets for the drawing, with which you can draw with special paints. The child can draw, and after a certain time the pattern simply disappears and the kid can start to create a new one. They are designed for the smallest creative children. It’s time to take pencils and get to work!

Swings – the best gifts for 3 year old boy

Swings the best gifts for 3 year old boy
If you want to make a boy’s childhood unforgettable, give him a child’s swing! After all, a swing is an excellent kind of active rest, and sometimes you can just sit on them and relax. Remember your own childhood –you always wanted to play on the swings outside. Similarly, your baby wants fun and actively spends time. Swings always bring joy to the child. Children enjoy playing on the swings, swinging and just relaxing.
Children’s swings can be divided into two types: those that are intended for installation in the house and those that are put in the yard. Choose the ones that suit you best! Almost any swings installed in the house can be taken with you to the country, which is very convenient – while you get about your business, the boy will also find something to do.

Ride-on car – great presents for 3 year old boy

Rideon car great presents for 3 year old boy
Often parents prefer not to buy their son expensive toys, considering it a waste of money. It’s hard not to agree, but there are gifts that will not only bring out a storm of emotions on a boy’s birthday, but will be remembered for life!
Every man, even the smallest, dreams of his own transport! The car can be pedal or radio-controlled; the main thing is that it is the same as Dad’s, or just a miniature copy of the real car. Children’s cars can be used for even 3 years and do not worry that the boy will not cope with them. Ride-on cars are the best gifts for modern children, who since childhood appreciate comfort, convenience and speed.
When choosing a children’s ride-on car, it is important to take into account the material from which the wheels are made. In order for a boy to ride together with friends buy him a double car. Such models have a high power and can withstand weight up to 70 kg.

Children’s Construction Tools – cool toys for boy at the age of three

Childrens Construction Tools cool toys for boy at the age of three
Children’s tool kit will play a big role in the development of the baby. Construction tools are a new exciting world, an opportunity to learn something new. The received knowledge will be useful for him in the future. To begin with, the child can gradually learn the names of each subject, and also remember what they are needed for and what he can do with them.
The game set of tools is one of the most popular toys among boys under the age of three, because they want to be like adults, to be able to do everything that the adults do.  If a child sees a man who can make something or repair something, then he will also want to understand all the things, and the children’s tool kit can help in this.
Tool kits for children are different. Pay attention to the fact that they do not contain small or sharp parts.

Children’s Activity books – good Christmas gifts for 3 year olds

Childrens Activity books good Christmas gifts for 3 year olds
Christmas is a special holiday. On this day, we want to surround our loved ones with special care and, of course, give them great gifts.
Books are surely the best gifts for the development of 3 year old baby! The most important thing is to choose the right book that will be useful and interesting to the child. Now the choice of printed products for children is huge: with opening windows, with luminous pictures, with beautiful photos… Choose what you like more!
To further interest the child with a book, choose one that will require maximum activity from him – for example, with pictures and stickers. Such books allow children to quickly develop visual perception, which is crucial for further learning and also get a lot of fun!

Train play – fun game for boys at the age of 3

Train play fun game for boys at the age of 3
The game is the main activity of a pre-school child, so you can give a three-year-old boy an interesting, informative and developing game.
The train play is a classic. Most likely, at the present time, every boy has such a miracle. Surely even a dad will not mind playing with his son on the train play. This means that the child will be busy with the daddy for a while, and his mother will have some free time.
The main thing is to choose a train play that will be suitable for a three-year-old child. Models for older children can be difficult to use and contain small and sharp details.

Xylophone – good presents for 3 year old nephew

Xylophone good presents for 3 year old nephew
A boy of 3 years will not understand the gift “to grow into”. The toy must match his age, otherwise, he will simply throw out it or break it before he even understands how to play it. Hardly the kid of 3 years will master rollers, or will be interested in informative encyclopedias or will cope with the metal building set.
Therefore, choose a simple gift, but which is suitable for a child of this age. For example, a xylophone is an excellent choice! Children’s musical toys for children play a very important role in the life and xylophones are the most popular among them.
The simplest at first glance instruments are actually not just toys –  they help to develop a small person’s skills and understanding of what is quiet and loud, develop speech and a sense of rhythm. Who knows, maybe these simple musical instruments will instill love for art and your nephew will become a famous musician.

Robotic toys – cool toys for three year old boy

Robotic toys cool toys for three year old boy
With electronic toys, you need to handle carefully. So, robots with a mechanical device that are difficult to break are good for 3 years old boys. You can give a robot that walks and can be transformed into a car for boy’s third birthday – a cool gift that will please any child!
The main criterion of choice is the quality of the toy. Robotic toys that are transformed by manual manipulation do not look aggressive at all and are not so expensive. On the birthday you can even give a few ones, and then with a whole team of rescuers baby can come up with an exciting plot for the game! A robotic toy is a great gift to a boy which will later become a fun companion. The toy has an artificial mind and therefore brings out a lot of emotions. Such a gift is able to amuse boy’s friends, that is important for children of this age. Every year, manufacturers of remote-controlled robots create new fun toys in the form of animals, such as a dog, a dinosaur and try to put in them more intelligent functions.
A child at 3 years old is already able to appreciate every gift he received on his birthday. Now you know that you can give a boy on his third birthday in order to make him happy!

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