Amazon Fire TV Stick Review

Posted by Heather on March 8, 2017
Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire Stick is one of the more affordable streaming devices and gives you a lot in a small package.  The Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa enabled remote comes in at a mere $39.99.  This quad-core powered HDMI device can provide you with hours of entertainment.

The user interface has gotten upgraded from the first-generation Amazon Fire Stick which may take some getting used to if you’ve upgraded to the newer device.  I liked the old interface and got used to it, butI’m warming up to the new UI.  It’s more modern looking.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Spec Breakdown

So, before going too much more into the features and impressions about the Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa remote, I’ll give you the specifics for the device.  Here’s what comes packed in and with the Fire Stick.

  • Quad core processor
  • 1gb of memory
  • 8gb of internal storage
  • Remote with voice support provided by Alexa
  • Up to 1080p resolution supported
  • Dual band, Dual-antenna Wi-Fi 802.11 ac (MIMO) connectivity

You can also get the Amazon Fire TV game controller with voice support for an extra cost of $49.99.  That allows you to play casual games and more.

Alexa Voice Remote Capabilities

Now we’ll tell you what you can do with the included Alexa voice remote included in the box.  Also, if you wanted to add the Alexa voice remote to the first-generation Fire TV Stick it’s $29.99 so, it makes more sense to just upgrade for $10 more, that’s what I did.

Alexa Voice Remote lets you;

  • Search across applications
  • Control Playback
  • Play music
  • Order Pizza from supported providers like Dominos
  • Get a car ride from Uber
  • Launch apps

The list goes on.  If you’re inclined to do everything manually with the remote instead of your voice, you may forget you have the option.  However, once you get used to being able to use voice control, you’ll be lost without it.

Setting Up and Using Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote

Since all the specifics of the Amazon Fire TV Stick with voice remote are complete, let’s move on to using them together.  Whether you’re upgrading from the previous model Fire TV Stick or a first-time user with the second-generation device, you’re going love the ease of use.

I’m all for better Wi-Fi and voice control with the Alexa enabled remote, so instinctually I used the included HDMI extender. The extender also made it easier to plug the Amazon Fire TV Stick into my HDMI port as well.

Setup up was quick and painless. Plug the Amazon Fire TV Stick into your HDMI port of choice and then, connect the AC adapter and plug it into an outlet. Put the 2 included AA batteries into the voice-enabled remote.

Next, you’ll turn on your TV. The Alexa enabled remote automatically pairs with your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Then, you’ll find and select your preferred wireless network to connect your Fire Stick to the internet. Now you’ll use your Amazon account to register your device. You’ll be setup in less than 5 minutes and be streaming away.

 Overall Impression

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is well worth its asking price. Not only can you use applications you probably may already have subscriptions too like Netflix or Hulu, but you can also watch tons of Amazon original series and Prime movies and shows with your Prime membership.

You’ll also be able to use Amazon music, Pandora, Spotify and iHeart Radio to listen to your music and favorite stations. Plus, you can watch your favorite YouTube channels right on your Fire TV Stick as well.  Additionally, you can choose certain television networks such as HBO or NBC if you don’t have cable TV and pay a monthly fee to watch them.

The video quality is superb especially with the quad-core 1.3ghz processor so, you get an HD viewing experience up to 1080p. You’ll also love the fact that sound uses Dolby Audio with up to 7.1 surround sound support.

Bluetooth device support comes via Bluetooth 4.1 so, the Amazon Fire Stick works with most other compatible Bluetooth controllers besides Amazons. Though you can do casual gaming, I have not used the Amazon Fire TV Stick for this purpose.  So, I can’t comment here.

Overall I highly recommend the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It’s powerful, portable and the price is within reason. The only thing I would have liked to have seen in this second make of the Amazon Fire TV Stick is an additional gig of memory bringing it up to 2 gigabytes.

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Patrick says:
It blows my mind that a little stick like this has a QUAD CORE processor. It wasn’t long ago that my desktop PC was chugging along on its little single core Pentium 4… Just makes you wonder where technology will be a mere 10 years from now.

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