Amazon Keeps Logging Me Out – What to Do?

Amazon Keeps Logging Me Out - What to Do

Many people are complaining about constantly being logged out from their Amazon accounts. Are you one of them? Don’t worry, these issues are mostly temporary, and they can be fixed. The problem might not be on Amazon’s end, though.

You might have to try some fixes for your browser before you get it working correctly. There is a simple solution that can save you if you keep getting logged out. This option is the checkbox that lets you stay signed in.

We’ll show you how to enable this option, as well as give you more solutions to this problem.

Why Does Amazon Keep Asking You to Sign In?

Sometimes, you aren’t actually logged out from Amazon, even though it might seem like it. Amazon asks for your account information so that they can confirm your identity. This issue can occur while you’re making an order, or when you want to change something.

Also, this happens when you meddle with some sensitive account information, and it is a good safety measure. Nowadays, many hackers can steal your personal info online, and losing an Amazon account is no joke.

To keep things as safe as possible, Amazon can ask for verification quite often during important account events.

Amazon Keeps Logging Me Out

Keep Me Signed In on Amazon

You’ve surely seen this option, but you’ve probably overlooked it. When you sign in to your Amazon account, there is an option to keep you signed in. Just click on the checkbox next to this option on the Amazon login page, and the site will remember this.

Then you won’t be logged out until you do it willingly, clicking on the log out button. Your session won’t last indefinitely, though. When this option is enabled, you will be logged about twice a month, approximately every two weeks. Also, you will need to enter your password when changing something on your Amazon account.

This option is not ideal, and here is why. If you are sharing your Amazon account with a person you trust, like your significant other, that is fine. However, if you often sign in to your Amazon account on a public network, such as the college campus, library, or shopping mall, you should disable this option.

Your password can easily get stolen, and someone might use your credit card to buy stuff. Keep in mind that people in your household will also have access to your browsing history and possibly see what you’re ordering from Amazon.

It is generally not advised to share your Amazon account with anyone, so don’t keep this option active unless you can trust everyone around you.

Other Amazon Log Out Fixes

Sometimes, Amazon will glitch out and sign you out for no reason. That is not so common, but you can easily select the keep me signed in option when you log in the next time. You can also try resetting your Amazon password if the problem persists.

Log in problems are often caused by the browser you’re using. Try clearing out your cache and cookies. Also, make sure that your browser is updated to the latest version. If one browser is causing you too much trouble, try using a different one and see if there is any difference.

You should also regularly update your device and keep your system fresh. If the problem is on the side of your device, it is a good idea to restart it. A quick restart can often fix login issues.

Amazon Shopping app is known for crashing, and it is probably better to use a browser to access your Amazon account. If you like the app better, try updating it, or deleting it entirely and reinstalling it. An app restart might work too.

Here are the Amazon Shopping iOS and Android app links. If everything fails, you can always contact the official Amazon support team and resolve the issue with them.


Stay Logged In

People are getting increasingly reliant on Amazon. If you are getting logged out for no reason, some of these fixes ought to help you. You have to stay patient and try more than one solution because it might take some time to get to the root of the problem.

Which of the presented fixes has helped you? Do you still have trouble with your Amazon account? Let us know in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “Amazon Keeps Logging Me Out – What to Do?”

Avatar Stew says:
Lamest help page. Talk about stating the obvious. This article is one step off click bait. I have the same issue as Sarah. Keep my logged in doesn’t work. Latest browser, OS etc…
Avatar Sarah Lange says:
App on phone keeps me signed in but computer logs me out every time. Been like this for months. Amazon doesn’t seem to have any answers, says it’s not them (of course). Check the “Keep me signed in box” every time. But if I close Amazon tab(s), when I come back I have to sign in again, even if it’s just been a few minutes. Happens to several other people I know, too, so it’s not just my browser or settings. Hard to believe we ALL happen to have same settings–different network administrators, different states, different types of computers. Using Chrome on Windows PC with everything updated.

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