Does Amazon Prime Deliver on Sunday?

You know that feeling when you order something from Amazon and the clock starts ticking. Every minute you wait starts to annoy you. This is especially true if the order is something you’ve been wanting for a long time. For some reason, it feels harder to wait those two business days than the month you’ve been saving up for it.

If you’re really in a hurry to get your purchase, you’ll be happy to know that certain customers can receive Sunday deliveries. Keep reading to find out the specifics.

But, I Want It Now!

The good news is that Amazon does, in fact, have limited Sunday deliveries. The bad news is that you may fall outside that “limited” category.

Only Amazon Prime members can gain access to Sunday deliveries, and that’s only under the right circumstances. Unfortunately, very little information exists about what those circumstances are.


Most Sunday deliveries are done by the USPS, with another small percentage going to independent couriers. Some time ago, Amazon entered into a contract with the USPS to use their delivery services, and this has benefitted both parties.

However, very little is known about that contract. All we know for sure is that the USPS agreed to add Sunday deliveries exclusively for Amazon packages. Nothing with USPS postage gets delivered on Sundays, though.

Anecdotally, about half of the packages that should arrive on Sundays actually make it on time. It seems to have to do with the size of the package and when you order it. If it’s small and was ordered early on in the day, some people claim this increases the chances that you’ll receive it on a Sunday.

What About Independent Couriers?

Amazon hires its own drivers as seasonal employees when they expect an uptick in traffic. These drivers also deliver on Sundays but even less is known about their particular arrangement and routes. If you’re near an Amazon warehouse, you have a better chance of getting your package in this way. Of course, this only applies to goods that are available at the warehouse, so the items are likely to be small and manageable.

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Another thing to look out for is the holiday season. Amazon is highly experienced with holiday deliveries and hires on many seasonal employees. Because of all this, you’re actually more likely to get your package on time if you order it around the holidays.

What About Same-Day Deliveries?

Yes, if you choose same-day delivery, you will get your package on Sunday. This is virtually guaranteed but the service tends to be very expensive and the cost increases exponentially with the size of the item you’re ordering.

For some parts of the country, Amazon Prime members can select FREE same-day delivery. This is truly the best of both worlds. You’ll get your purchase even on Sunday and you won’t have to pay a dime for the shipping. The caveat is that it only applies to specific items which tend to be very common household goods, as well as for Amazon’s own branded products.

You can also pick up Amazon packages from their lockers within certain parts of the US. Amazon lockers are distributed around the country, mostly at convenience stores and other accessible locations. You can choose to have your package delivered to a locker instead of your house. Some people have noted that this increases the likelihood of getting their package delivered on time. When selecting your shipping options, choose the locker option and you’ll receive a one-time code to open the locker you’re provided.

Don’t Wait Another Day

The basic answer to the question is that you can get Amazon packages delivered on a Sunday. However, there’s many ifs, ands, and buts. For the time being, there’s really not enough postal workforce to guarantee Sunday deliveries. The best advice you can get is: don’t bank on getting something by Sunday but don’t be surprised if you do.

Has anyone you know received packages on Sundays? If so, is there a common thread you noticed about which packages tend to be delivered on time and which ones don’t? Let us know in the comments if you know any facts, or even rumors, about Sunday Amazon deliveries.

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