Top 3 Android Ringtone Makers

Contus Trim & Tone

Contus Trim & Tone is quite a well designed app. In addition to allowing for the creating of ringtones on your android device from the music files on your phone, it also allows you to mix your favorite tones together which can lead to unique results.



The app is basically divided into three sections which are as follows:

  • Tone Maker
  • Tone Mixer
  • My Tones

Tone Maker allows users to select a section of a song they like in order to create a ringtone. After selecting the song you wish to make your ringtone from, you can select the exact portion of the song you wish to use as your ringtone.

There are selection arrows which you can use to dial in on the part of the song you want  or you can manually enter the start and end times you desire.



You also have the ability to zoom in/out of the audio waveform. Zooming in is quite helpful since it allows you more fine tune control over the part of the song you wish to select.

For smoother transitions into and out of your tone, hit the ‘fx’ button. This allows for fading in/out of your tone.

Finally, My Tones displays a list of the tones that you already have stored on your device.

Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker has a clean look and is easy to navigate and use.


Users can quickly preview songs by tapping a file in the displayed list of audio tracks to quickly make sure that they have indeed selected the file they wish to use.

You can then pick out which part of the song you wish to use. Ringtones can be set to fade in or out as well with Ringtone Maker. The volume of the track can also be adjusted.


Finally just as with Ringroid, tones can be created from recordings made from within the app.

Ringtonium Lite

Ringtonium Lite has an attractive interface and allows users to choose from three sources for the creation of their ringtones.


Ringtones can be created from:

  • Ringtonium’s ‘free’ music repository. Note however that free access to this music is on a trial basis and that you will eventually have to pay
  • Recordings made from within the app
  • Your already existing music library

You will have a slightly different experience when compared to other apps when you are making your ringtones in Ringtonium.

The familiar select controls are present but you will also have what is referred to as the ‘Macro Wheel’ for fine tune control as seen below.


Fading in/out is of course also present in Ringtonium Lite.

Final Thoughts

Each of these apps has something special to offer to users. Contus Trim & Tone has the tone mixer for uniquely mixed ringtones.

Ringtone Maker allows you to quick preview songs in your library which assists in quickly choosing the base song for your ring tone.

Finally, Ringtonium Lite allows you for very precise control over the selection of the portion of the song that you wish to use for your ringtone.

Posted by William Elcock on December 1, 2016

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