Apex Legends – How to Play Wraith

Season 2 of Apex Legends is well underway, and it’s a good time to get into the game. You’ll need to pick a Legend to play as, of course. Wraith is a solid choice, with beginner-friendly abilities and a surprisingly high skill ceiling that rewards time invested in playing the character.

She’s also the hardest character to hit, with the smallest hitbox on the roster. This does come at a price, as she takes 5% more damage per hit than most other characters.

She’s not the easiest character to play to her full potential, but there’s a reason so many pro gamers and streamers pick exactly her. So, let’s take a closer look at her abilities. We’ll also cover tips and tricks you can use to take advantage of her synergistic moves and become the Apex Champion.

Passive Ability – Voices From the Void

Wraith’s passive is rather similar to Spider-Man’s spider-sense, though a touch more limited. Whenever an enemy has you in their sights, a female voice will warn you of the danger. Your invisible, extra-dimensional friend will even let you know what kind of enemy is aiming at you, and you can relay this to your team mates through the onscreen prompt.

Ultimate Ability – Dimensional Rift

This skill, especially when combined with her other abilities, makes Wraith one of the game’s better scouts, as you can roam the map looking for the other team, safe in the knowledge that if you are spotted first, you will know about it. If you’re struggling to hear the warning over the chaos of battle, you can turn on the subtitles to make sure you’re always informed of threats.

Tactical Ability – Into the Void

This Tactical ability allows Wraith to step out of her dimension and into a parallel one for three seconds. While Into the Void is active, you’ll move quite a bit faster, be completely immune to all damage, and harder to see. Not invisible, mind, as there will be blue lines that show trail behind you, which skilled players can use to track you.

You also won’t be able to see enemy players while using it. So, while it can be a handy get-out-of-jail-free card, it doesn’t solve every problem. There’s a 20 second cooldown period on it, and it takes a short while to kick in after you activate it. You’ll need to keep this in mind if you planning to make a tactical retreat. Many less experienced Wraith players tend to panic when caught in the cooldown, so don’t allow it to become a crutch.

Passive Ability – Voices From the Void

Even so, this ability can get you out of a sticky situation, and after all, discretion is the better part of valor. Retreating and then attacking from another angle, can take your enemies by surprise and yield some satisfying kills. Plus, you can use it to travel outside of the Circle without taking damage, which can open up flanking maneuvers that other Legends can’t pull off until later into the round.

Ultimate Ability – Dimensional Rift

Wraith’s Ultimate ability is to act like a human Portal Gun. The first use places a portal, and the next places a second, which friends and foes alike can use to traverse the map fast. Between placing the two portals you’ll move faster, although you won’t be able to shoot until the second one is in place.

The portals last for 60 seconds and can be useful both offensively and defensively. You can use it to get your team to the action in a snap or you can flee back through a portal to bait the enemy into following you through. If you’ve got your team ready and waiting at the other end, it can make for a very effective ambush. It takes two and a half minutes for the ability to charge up though, so use it wisely, or you’ll risk being caught out.

Tactical Ability – Into the Void

The portals are also one-sided, meaning you can run behind them, and get the drop on hostiles that are chasing you. Or you could place it right next to a big drop, and watch the enemy team tumble to their deaths like the hapless lemmings that they are.


If you’re warned by your Passive that you’re about to be shot, pop your Tactical and run like hell to get away from the danger. Or closer to it, if you’re feeling aggressive, as you’ll not take damage until it runs out. A blue blur speeding towards you then turning into a shotgun-wielding enemy can be a disturbing sight.

You can use Into the Void after placing your first portal from Dimensional Rift, giving you an even greater speed boost.

You can transport downed allies through your portals, so don’t forget about your team mates. Charge in to rescue them with your Tactical, then dive into a portal to get them to safety.

Wraith’s abilities make her an excellent skirmisher, and combining her unpredictable movements with a powerful close-range weapon like the high DPS automatic EVA-8 Shotgun can really cause the enemy team some grief.


Wraithing from A to B

While she might not be the easiest Legend to start out with, as her abilities are greatly benefitted by an intimate knowledge of the map, after a few rounds with Wraith you should start to get the hang of it.

You can go solo and cause confusion among the enemy team, but she really shines when co-operating with allies.  Wraith can turn 2-1 odds against into a 3-2 for in the blink of an eye. Or, if it all goes wrong, you can just do your best Sonic impression, and scarper away as a blue blur.

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