Apple changes “Free” App Store button to “Get”

Posted by RecomHub on November 23, 2014

Recently Apple has done something different in the App Store that you might notice. The small change made by Apple to the App Store might seem like something small. but it’s actually a big deal for Apple to change the way you look at “Free” apps. Now when you go to the Apple Store and you look at Apps that used to be labeled “Free” in the App Store, they have changed and now labeled as “Get”. For free apps with in-app purchases also feature that designation under their “Get” buttons, that you can notice and allows you to be prepared not to be shocked when you have to spend money in the game after you have downloaded the game. Also, the paid apps continue to show their price in the buy button.




The change in the App Store was not announced officially by Apple. With Apple not officially making a statement about the change, for many it makes it’s unclear exactly why the switch from “Free” to “Get” was made. However, it’s possible that Apple didn’t like that those apps with in-app purchases were labeled “Free” when they could actually end up costing money. And for those without IAPs, Apple likely figured that it might as well change all apps to “Get” rather than have some labeled as “Free” and others to “Get,” as that could cause some confusion among users.




Via MacRumors







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