Apple Retail Revenue Improves to $57 Per Visitor in Q1

Apple Retail Revenue

Apple’s retail division has long lead the industry but now Apple Retail Stores have hit a new high, according to Asymco’s Horace Dediu. Calculating the company’s first quarter retail revenue and total retail attendance, Mr. Dediu estimates that Apple earned a record $57.60 per visitor during the quarter, up from $51.75 per visitor in the first quarter of 2012.

Apple’s 7 percent growth in revenue per visitor gives the company more than twice the performance of the number two retailer, Tiffany & Co., and over three times the performance of third place lululemon.

Apple Revenue Per Store

Overall, Apple’s average revenue per store reached $13 million in the first quarter, the highest ever for a non-holiday quarter.

Apple Retail Employees Per Store

Other tidbits revealed by Mr. Dediu: the number of visitors per store held steady at an average of 250,000 per quarter; each store employs an average of 110 people; and profit per visitor remained at approximately $12 per quarter.

Apple Retail Number of Store Openings

In an interesting final analysis, Mr. Dediu illustrates how Apple’s retail expansion has shifted overseas. With many markets in the U.S. now saturated, the company has chosen to renovate existing stores while opening new ones abroad, accounting for the dramatic change in the ratio of U.S. stores to foreign stores over the past three years.

All charts via Asymco.

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