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Posted by TekRevue Contributor on February 1, 2019
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The advance in mobile technology has multiplied the volume of content consumed by the users. This raised demand for content has pushed the content creators to create newer and better content to leverage the current market.

In this market, the largest consumer base for online streaming content is from the age of 18 to 29 and the age group of 30 to 49 as the second largest. From the age of 18 to 29 there are usually students, thus they prefer to consume free content.

streaming demographics


Therefore, if you fall in that demographics and you are an avid movie or TV show watcher and you are looking for apps which can provide you access to high-quality movies and shows with no subscription or sign up. Then you can download these apps to get access to free high-quality content.

You can access these apps from anywhere, may it be Android or IOS device. You can also access these apps using Amazon fire stick or other such devices. You can also directly watch content on your TV by casting.

They constantly update these apps with new and improved features to make to viewer experience better. Therefore, it makes no sense to not take advantage of the free service and content that these apps are providing.

Here is a list of the best Apps that provide free access to content:

Cyberflix TV


It is one of the best apps out there. It has many features that make it easy to use the app and increase the user experience. It includes many categories to better help you choose the content you want to see. The developer has also created some different categories to help you pinpoint the Movies and shows like 80s shows.

The settings are also customizable so you can change it according to your need. You can filter out whatever you don’t want in the search or the list. You can back up everything from your setting to watch episodes.

Key Features:

  • HD quality movies and shows for free
  • Works on all the platforms or devices
  • A user-friendly interface like Terrarium TV
  • You can choose the media player



Showbox has a vast library of films and shows. You can access it from anywhere all you require is an internet connection. The developers are constantly upgrading the app to enhance the user experience. It optimizes the video player to provide the finest viewing experience and streams high-quality videos.

You have options for movies and TV shows. You can also download your favorite content. The interface is unique, and it differs from other apps, so you will like the experience. It also has the Chromecast function. It also provides you with the list of all the trending shows so you get up-to-date content. It has an auto play option but you can also choose the streaming option according to your requirement. Get the apk file from here and watch unlimited movies and tv shows for free.

Key Features:

  • It has the Chromecast function
  • You can access it from Android and IOS
  • You can watch high-quality videos for free
  • You can choose your streaming channel

Cinema HD


It is one of the most consistent and stable apps. It hardly ever has any issues with it. It is one of the favorite apps and many people prefer it.

The latest upgrade has integrated the auto-play function to the app. You also have the option to choose the streaming option you want. It has a huge library with all the latest TV shows and movies. You can easily watch high-quality content as it easy to use. It also provides you with a detailed overview to choose the content you want.

Key Features:

  • High Definition Video Content
  • Constantly updated with the latest movies and shows
  • Quick search to enable users to find the movies from the library
  • User Review system for all the content to rate the content
  • You can share your experience and comment
  • Free DVD quality movies and shows
  • Create your own favorite movie and shows lists.
  • It provides the best collection of all the latest movies
  • You can get an idea about the show or movie by watching the trailer
  • It provides Sorting option to choose from top rated to release date.



It is a client-server media player which lets you play audio and visual content from your personal libraries. It also provides a premium service called Plex Pass, which has features that synchronizes Mobil phones, cloud storage integration, multiple user support, and others.

Key features:

  • Play your personal library of movies or shows on any media device
  • It can play any media format



Sony Pictures Entertainment owns this app. You’ll mainly see movies and TV Programs produced by Sony. This makes Crackle somewhat limited but you get to watch movies and shows for free.

Crackle is not new but is still one of the best movies and TV shows streaming app. It has been one of the best since last year and for good reason. But when you open Google Store to download it. If you are in the US, then you will be fine but if you from UK or some other place you won’t be able to download it because it will say it’s not compatible with your region so if you went to try it on the Google Play store it would just have the letter sign underneath saying not available.

So if you want to access it outside the states you can just download the app instead of the one from the Google Play Store and also sign into a VPN and sign into a server in the states and then watch the content you want which is not available in your region.

Key Features:

  • Updated and a good collection of films and TV shows
  • Most of the videos also have subtitles
  • Watch the content without signing up or any subscription
  • Available for both IOS & Android



KODI is available on almost all the devices as it’s compatible with Linux, OS X, Windows, and Android. It’s even available to Raspberry Pi microcomputer. Though installing it in your phone may be a little complicated as it requires the phone to be jail broken before download.

XBMC Foundation which is a nonprofit organization manages KODI. Therefore, it’s upgraded by countless numbers of coders and developers from all over the world. Which means all the updates and add-ons are free.

Key Features:

  • A lot more is available in this app because of its versatility
  • It is easy to use
  • There are many add-ons available to improve your experience

Popcorn Flix


It has many of the big name titles listed in its streaming library. It has many movies and TV shows in the library so you can just scroll through it and watch whichever you like.

It also has an option to cast on your TV. Therefore, you can just cast it on your TV and watch high-quality content for free.

Key Features:

  • You don’t have to sign in or subscribe to access the content
  • both Android and iPhone users can access this app
  • It has the collection of all the latest movies and TV shows

Cartoon HD

cartoon hd

Though this is a Cartoon HD website, so you can open it anywhere. May it be windows, Mac or Android you can access it from anywhere. You can easily register or download or you can directly stream your favorite movie or show. It updates constantly so you can find the latest movies or shows.

Key Features:

  • Releases HD releases quick
  • High-Quality movies and Shows
  • One of the fastest streaming app
  • Casts your screen using All Cast to your TV, Xbox or Roku Stick



This is one of the best apps if you are interested to watch films. The library contains most of the blockbuster films. Thus the app caters to a specific niche. As you know not every mainstream movie or show is good and there are movies or shows outside the general options that are good.

You can find options for movies and shows and can accord with your requirement as they bifurcate it into different options.

Key Features:

  • It has a dark theme which makes watching movies a lot more appealing
  • It also provides you with previews so you get an idea as what the content is about
  • You can also download the videos and watch it even when you are offline
  • You can access it from both Android and iOS

Morph TV


If you have used Morpheus, then the similarity might surprise you. Morph TV is a clone of Morpheus, hence it has similar options and functionality. It is constantly upgrading so you can expect more integrations.

Key Features:

  • You can turn it to one click app using the auto play option
  • Easily get categories of trending movies, TV shows and watched content
  • You can choose your streaming source


These apps provide you with the best content available for free. You do not have to research or worry about investing your money in a paid subscription. You can download them and experience good quality movies and shows anywhere you like.

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