4 Apps For Your Phone That Help You Pay Bills On Time

Posted by TekRevue Contributor on May 21, 2019

From mortgage or rent to utilities, we all have a ton of bills to pay every month. Keeping track of these bills can be a hectic task, especially when you’re scribbling on notebooks and calendars. However, technology has come to the rescue, making it easy to track all pending bill payments using various Smartphone apps. Here are the four best bill tracker apps that will help you pay on time according to National Debt Relief.

1. Mint

Mint is among the top personal finance apps, having built their reputation for helping people keep track of their money. The app can easily track your credit score while simplifying bank synchronization functions that most people struggle with. This free finance app has been around since 2006, and it’s among the biggest names in the market.

How It Works

Mint is designed as a top-to-bottom finance app that requires you to register an account before linking your financial accounts. That means your savings, checking, investments, venom, mortgages and credit card info is accessible through Mint.

When all your information is uploaded in the app, you automatically get an organized view of all your accounts and their balances. The app also creates a pie chart categorizing your expenditures every month. Additionally, it tracks all your monthly spending and displays it on a bar graph to help you see the months you spend less or more.

Mint further categorizes every purchase you make, which can be great when trying to stick to a budget. Nonetheless, you should counter-check the categories to ensure everything is accurately captured.  You can also record your expenses manually.


YNAB (You Need a Budget) is another popular money management app dedicated to helping you create and manage a budget at a low cost. The app works according to its four-rule framework:

  1. Every dollar has its job – With your every dollar performing a specific task, you can reach your goals quickly by being organized and staying on top of things.
  2. Embrace true expenses – You need to learn when your bills come due and exactly how much you spend.
  • Accept mistakes – Life is full of mistakes, but what matters is what you do after making them. This means accept your mistakes and move on with the lesson.
  1. Age your money – That means use the money you earned in December to pay for January bills.

How It Works

Just like Mint, you set up all your accounts with YNAB and track everything on one platform. The app uses different colors to code your goals and purchases to allow you to keep track of everything without overspending or underfunding some goals. It also helps you define your goals and offers ideas on how you can achieve them.

YNAB helps you to break down large goals and purchases into small amounts of money to ease the burden of payment. That means you can manage all your money without negative self-talk. The app gives you a clear view of your bills and helps you to plan for them so that you have the money when they are due. It’s easy to use, and its four-rule system creates a healthy relationship with money.

3. Prism

If you need relief from your debt, Prism is one of the best money apps that will get you there. It captures all your financial data in the app, ranging from your utilities to the method of payment.

How It Works

To get the app running, connect all the billers (the people you owe) and link your payment systems such as your checking account or credit card details. Prism will synchronize all your bills and account balances, showing you everything in the app. The app also sends you a notification through your phone when your biller needs you to pay a new bill.

You can pay every bill right away by opening the app, but it also allows you to schedule payments for a later date. It also has a four-step payment process that allows you to select the amount you want to pay for each bill, the payment method, and dates. Moreover, it makes the payment on your behalf and recalls your method of payment every time you pay the same bill.

4. Quicken

Quicken is one of the earliest apps in the personal finance space. It has changed a lot over the years, but it has the most comprehensive functions and features on the market. The app currently offers strong budgeting, investment monitoring and pay bill features

How It Works

This personal budgeting app works on a subscription model, meaning you need to sign-up on their site and download the app online. Nonetheless, you’ll need to synchronize all your accounts with your Quicken account.

Quicken not only gives you a full display of your monthly bills, but it also sends alerts through email to ensure you don’t miss a payment. Payment of bills is available for free to those who subscribe to the app through the premier or higher plans.


If you have problems keeping track of all your bills when they are due, a personal finance app may be what you need. These apps help you to get your financial issues in order, managing your every dollar like a pro.

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