How To Archive your Broadcasts in Twitch

Posted by Jamie on June 14, 2018

Streaming is definitely the way to go when consuming media but it does mean we never actually own anything. It also means that we depend on the platform to keep the media we want to watch available for us. Or, we can take matters into our own hands. Today we are going to talk about how to archive broadcasts in Twitch. I will also show you how to download them to your computer for good measure.

Twitch is a superb platform that enables us to watch live or after the fact. We can archive videos for a fixed period of time but after that, they disappear. With the sheer volume of new videos that appear daily, that isn’t normally an issue as we would never run out of things to watch. But, if you’re broadcasting your own content, wouldn’t you want to be able to view it back at a later date to see how far you have come?

Twitch refers to archived media as VoD, Video on Demand. You can archive your videos for a fixed period of time after broadcast depending on your membership level. If you’re a free user, you can archive your Twitch videos for 14 days. If you’re a Twitch Prime user you can archive your videos for up to 60 days. You can also download your videos to keep forever.

Archive your broadcasts in Twitch

Videos take up a lot of storage space which is I guess why Twitch doesn’t let you keep all the your videos in perpetuity. If you’re paying for Twitch membership you get a little more. If you’re not paying, you get a little.

First you need to set your account up for Past Broadcasts.

  1. Log into Twitch and select Settings from your dashboard.
  2. Check the box next to Store Past Broadcasts under Stream Preferences.

This will enable that storage option for your videos. We need to do this first in order to be able to archive your broadcasts in Twitch. You can go ahead and broadcast now and your videos will automatically be archived for 14 or 60 days.

Viewing archived videos in Twitch

Once you have a bunch of videos you have broadcast, you will want to know where to go to find them right? Fortunately, they are available in your Twitch Dashboard like most other settings. You can then access the Videos menu in the left pane of page and you should see a list of all the videos you have archived.

Saving Twitch archived videos to your PC

I have covered saving videos and clips to your PC before but for completeness, I’ll walk you through downloading to your computer again here. As a broadcaster, you have a lot of control over how your content is stored as well as some tools viewers do not have. One of those is the ability to download your own videos.

  1. Log into Twitch and select Account Settings.
  2. Navigate to Video Manager from the menu to access the list of videos you have created.
  3. Select Past Broadcasts and More.
  4. Select the download link beneath the video you want to download.

This will download the video into the folder you select on your computer. This is very useful if you want to edit with a third party tool or for keeping for your own use. You can do this with all your videos should you wish to.

Export Twitch archived videos directly to YouTube

If you want to cross pollinate your Twitch video onto YouTube, you can do that too. You can either download it to your PC as above, make edits and polish it up and upload, or export directly into YouTube. If you’re happy with how the video looks, why not skip a step and export it directly?

You will need to have your Twitch and YouTube accounts linked before you try this in order for it to work. This changed recently. To link the accounts, go to Settings in Twitch and Connections. Check the box next to YouTube Export Archives and add your account.

  1. Navigate to Video Manager from the menu to access the list of videos you have created.
  2. Select Past Broadcasts and More.
  3. Select Export. Select a title and any settings you want to add.
  4. Set the privacy options, Public or Private.
  5. Select the Export button.

Depending on the time of day, this process can take a little while. What you end up with is a video accessible through YouTube that will stay there for as long as you need it to.

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