How To Attach an Email to an Email in Gmail

Posted by Matthew on November 21, 2017

Some Gmail users might occasionally need to show a few of their emails to other persons. There are a few ways that you can attach emails to Gmail emails. You can forward messages or attach an email file saved to your cloud storage or hard drive. Here are some tips for attaching emails to Gmail emails.

Forward an Email

If you only need to share one email in your inbox, forwarding it might be the best option. Gmail’s Forward option enables you to add a selected email to the bottom of a new message. You can forward Gmail emails in your inbox or those that you’ve sent.

Open an email to forward in Gmail. Click the small arrow button at the top right of the email to open a menu. Select the Forward option on that menu. Then you can input an email address to send the forwarded email to, enter some text above the forwarded email and press the Send button. To forward multiple emails at once, check out this Tech Junkie article.

Copy and Paste Emails

Alternatively, you could just copy and paste other emails into one email to attach them without any files. You can do that by selecting the text in one email with the cursor and pressing the Ctrl + C keyboard shortcut. Click Compose and press the Ctrl + V hotkey to paste the copied message into the text editor.

Attach an Email PDF to a Gmail Email

However, forwarding or copying and pasting messages might not be ideal if you need to send lots of emails in your inbox. Instead, you can send multiple emails in your inbox to another recipient by attaching actual email files to Gmail messages. To do that, you need to save emails as PDF files; but Gmail doesn’t include any obvious option to download messages as PDFs.

You’ll need to have a Google Drive account, which you can set up at this page. Then you can save Gmail emails to Google Drive as PDFs. First, open the email to save to Google Drive in Gmail, click the small arrow button and select Print from the menu. That will open the print preview window shown directly below.

Click the Change option on the left of the preview. Select the Save to Google Drive option on the Select a Destination window. Save to Google Drive should then be the selected destination on the Print sidebar. Then press the Save button. A PDF file will now be saved in Google Drive.

Press the Compose button in Gmail to open the New Message text editor. Click the Insert files using Drive button to open the window shown directly below. Select a Gmail email PDF to attach from there, and press the Insert button.

You should see the Gmail PDF attached to the top of the new email as shown directly below. Click that attachment to open a PDF preview of it in Google Chrome. You can remove the attachments by clicking their X icons.

Back up Gmail Emails with the Save Emails and Attachments Add-on

Save Emails and Attachments is a Google Sheets add-on that automatically saves your Gmail emails as PDFs. As such, this add-on will come in handy for attaching emails to Gmail messages. Instead of manually saving them as PDFs, you can configure the add-on to automatically back up the emails.

First, add Save Emails and Attachments to Google Sheets by pressing the + Free button on this website page. Open Sheets, click Add-ons > Save Emails and Attachments and select Create rule. It will request that you switch to a Save Emails sheet, so press the Open Spreadsheet button to open the sheet below.

Click Add-ons > Save Emails and Attachments > Create New Rule to open the window directly below. There you can enter a range of conditions for the saved emails to match. For example, filling out the Received after and before boxes will save emails received between those dates to Google Drive.

You can automatically save all your Gmail emails to Google Drive by entering the present date in the Received before box. Press the Select Drive Folder button. Choose a folder to save them to, click Select and press the Save button. Having automatically saved all your Gmail emails with the add-on, you don’t need to manually save them as PDFs before attaching to new messages.

So that’s how you can attach emails to other Gmail messages by selecting the Forward option or by saving them as PDFs. This Tech Junkie guide also provides further details about how you can save Gmail emails as PDF documents.

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Robert D says:
The new G-Mail SUCKS………..Can’t add docs as an attachment ???
Georgene Lamay says:
I liked your article. Did you know that Google has introduced Gmail Go? Go not only takes up significantly less space on your phone, but uses less data than the standard Gmail app.

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