How To Automatically Add Lyrics to MP3 Files

Posted by Arch on June 23, 2019
Automaticaly add lyrics to mp3 files

When you listen to music it just feels better to see the lyrics, doesn’t it? Especially if you are listening to a song you had never heard before, lyrics will help you understand it word for word.

The meaning of songs is very important and we need lyrics to fully understand it. Of course, you can always search for lyric videos on YouTube or look up the lyrics on Google, but what if you don’t have an internet connection?

People who prefer downloading songs or entire albums in MP3 format rejoice – you are about to learn how to automatically add lyrics to your favorite tracks. Oh, and don’t worry, as these methods are completely free.

Adding Lyrics to MP3 Files

There are several methods for adding lyrics to MP3 files, but the focus here will be on free and easy methods. Before we get into the methods, be sure to enable lyrics on your designated music player. You will see that Windows Media Player was used in this article; it is a free default player for any Windows PC.

To enable lyrics on it, just right click anywhere inside the player after you launch it, go to “Lyrics, captions, and subtitles” and select “On” if available. You are good to go now; time to look at the methods.

1. Mp3 Tag

If you opt for MP3 Tag, you will need to add lyrics to MP3 files manually. Unfortunately, there is no automatic way of doing it because adding lyrics is not the main feature of this program. Download MP3 Tag for free here and install it.

The installation process is quite easy, you just follow the instructions until you complete it. Then you can launch the MP3 Tag. Next, you need to drag and drop your MP3 files to its main window. You can add as many files as you like. Now you should right-click the song were you want to add lyrics and click on Extended Tags.

mp3 extended tags

In the next window select the “Add field” button, which looks like a star.

add field

You need to type in Unsynced lyrics in that field. It will fill in automatically as you start typing. Next, you should paste the lyrics to your song in the Value section. This site is a good place to search for your MP3 lyrics manually. Click OK and confirm your new tag.

unsynced lyrics

Finally, you can right click on the MP3 file after adding lyrics and click on Play. This is how your lyrics will look like:

mp3 tag lyrics

They will be at the bottom of your player, and you will have to scroll down with your mouse as the song progresses. Rinse and repeat for every individual MP3 file, and eventually, you will have lyrics for all of them. This method is a little time consuming, so you might want to check out the next one.

2. Lyrics Finder

Most people will agree that Lyrics Finder is a better option because it adds lyrics to MP3 files automatically. It is a free program you can download here. It is easy to install. Once you complete the installation, launch it and start adding lyrics right away. As a side note, this software will not overwrite any lyrics that already exist.

You can drag your MP3 files to the main window or click on the “Add folder” or “Add files” buttons in the top-left corner. Once you add an MP3 file, this program will automatically download the lyrics for it and sync it to your player.

lyrics finder

The green dot in the corner of your file means that the lyrics are in place. It is hard to believe, but this really works, and it is super-fast! Play the song you add and see for yourself. The play button is next to the song if you choose to play it from within Lyrics Finder. You can track the lyrics as the song plays.

If you decide to use your default media player, lyrics will be shown as well, like in the picture below.

lyrics from lyrics finder

Same as with MP3 Tag, you will need to scroll down on your player to navigate the text. Lyrics Finder has additional options when you right-click your MP3 file, like “force search lyrics” or “export lyrics to text file.”

Falling in Love with Your Favorite Song

There are other ways to add lyrics to your MP3 files, but the two outlined in this article are not only free but also among the easiest to use.

Which programs do you use to add lyrics to your MP3 files? Tell us about your favorites in the comments below.

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