How To Automatically Give Roles in Discord

Discord Bots are used for a lot of things. Music, automated Google searches, server announcements, and many other things that basic Discord doesn’t offer. Using Bots to customize your Discord app is one of the things that make this messaging application so great. Although auto-assigning roles is not readily available within the application; adding a bot is a simple and effective way to get the job done.

Roles are a defining feature of a Discord server’s hierarchy. They are what grant specific privileges to a member, enabling them to perform certain tasks within the server.

Sometimes, it would be easier if you could have a role automatically assigned to a member for reaching a certain milestone, doing a particular task, or simply for time spent remaining a loyal member.

The only known way at the moment in which to pull this off is through the use of a Discord Bot. 

Using Bots To Auto-Assign Roles in Discord

Now, there are a few different bots available from which to choose that have the capability to auto-assign roles to members. This article will detail how to set up the bot and auto-assign feature with two of the more prominent bots on the market. 

Dyno Bot

Dyno Bot is a feature-rich Discord bot that is used on over 1.5 million Discord servers. It is fully customizable and features a simple and intuitive web dashboard. Not only can you use it to auto-assign roles for members, but it also offers a Music Search option that pulls videos from YouTube for you to watch, an automated Google Search feature to surf the web on your behalf, various custom commands at your disposal, an “Announcements” feature, and much more.

Setting Up Dyno Bot

The process of setting up Dyno Bot is simple with few steps. The process is relatively quick and easy and once it’s up and running, enabling “Autorole” is a few additional steps away.

To set up Dyno Bot you’ll need to start by visiting the official website and downloading the tool:

Log into Dyno

Head to and click the blue button labeled Login with Discord.

You can find it at the top-right of the screen OR directly in the center to the right of the “About Dyno” paragraph.

Add to Server

If you already happen to be logged in to Discord, you can just click the Add to Server button instead, located in the main menu bar. However, you’ll still need to be logged in to get to the dashboard.

Authorize Dyno

Login using your credentials, and you’ll be taken to a new page for authorization. Click “Authorize” to proceed.

Select Your Server

Next, you’ll need to choose the server you want to add Dyno Bot to. You can select it from the drop-down menu.

Customize the Bot

Once the server has been selected you’ll be presented with a list of authorizations. You can un-check the ones you don’t want.

Click on the Authorize button to enable Dyno Bot on your server.

An “I‘m not a robot” reCAPTCHA window will prompt itself for authorization. Click the box and proceed.

You should now be on the Manage Servers page of the Dyno Bot website. From here you can head into the dashboard of your server.

What you should do now is:

Manage Servers

Click on the logo of the server in the “Manage” tab to be taken to that server’s dashboard.

Give Your Bot a Nickname

From the “Home” tab in the “General” section, you’ll need to give your Dyno Bot a nickname and set up a command prefix.

The command prefix is key to being able to use any of the commands provided by Dyno Bot.

Dyno Bot: Auto-Assign Roles & Ranks

In Dyno, you can enable the “Autorole” feature from the dashboard in the “Modules Settings” section. 

Back in the Dyno Bot Dashboard for your server:

Select the ‘Autoroles’ Option

From the left side menu, in the “Modules Settings” section, click on the Autoroles” option.

Select the Role

In the main window, click on the drop-down and select the role you want to add for auto-assign.

Set Delays

Choose the length of time necessary for new members to acquire this role in the “Delay (minutes)” box.

It can be immediate by placing a ‘0’ or leaving the space empty. 

If you’re good with math, you can make the length last days, weeks, months, or even years by placing the appropriate time in minutes.

Make sure that on your server, the Dyno Bot has a higher role than the role being auto-assigned or it will not work.

Click ‘Add’

Click the blue Add button to place the role as auto-assigned.

You can remove any role you place here at any time you want by clicking the red Remove button to the right of the role in the “Autorole List”.

The role will now be granted to every member that reaches the allotted time goal set in place.

Dyno Bot also offers your server members the chance to set themselves up with ranks. Ranks are just like roles but the ability to grant them is determined by the ?rank command. They are created the same way as roles are– the server owner will create them and set the permissions for each on the Discord server.

Anyone considered a bot administrator can determine which ranks are open to the public by adding them from the Dyno Bot dashboard. Though not considered automatic, it’s still a faster way to provide specific permissions, including exclusive access to your members without you having to give it to them personally.

If interested in setting up ranks for Dyno Bot:

  1. Get back to the Dyno Bot dashboard of the server for which you want to add ranks.
  2. Head into the “Autoroles” tab from the “Module Settings” section just as you would for roles.
  3. This time click over to the “Joinable Ranks” tab located at the top of the main window.
  4. Click the “Select Role” drop-down and choose which role or roles you want to make joinable.
  5. In the “Rank Settings” section you can choose to limit members to a single role. This will help limit the power members can have.
  6. Click the Add button for each role selected.

Now your members can add a rank by typing in ?rank <role> where the role has to be typed out in full.


Those newer to the Discord bot scene may find the use of Dyno Bot confusing. It can be a bit much for a less than savvy user to take in. If this sounds like you, let me present an easier alternative, Mee6.

The Mee6 bot is a really cool tool for a server that wants to branch out into a community. It offers almost as much as the Dyno Bot (in some ways more) while remaining easier to use and navigate. The LEVEL UP feature is really cool as it adds an incentive for the members of your server to engage in banter. Every time you send a text message in one of the server channels, you have the chance to “level up”. It doesn’t necessarily provide any additional perks (without purchasing Premium) but just like in video games, it can still feel pretty good. 

Setting Up Mee6

Mee6 is not unlike Dyno Bot in its set up process. You’ll need to take a trip over to the official Mee6 site to begin.

Let’s setup Mee6:

Add to Discord

Head over to and click on the Add to Discord button.

Login to Discord

This process goes a bit quicker if you’re already logged into Discord but all that is really required is your Discord login credentials.

Authorize Mee6

Once logged into Discord, you’ll receive the Mee6 authorization pop-up window asking for access. Click the Authorize button at the bottom right of the window.

Whichever server you want Mee6 apart of, go ahead and click the logo.

Select Your Server

Locate the server you’re working with and click “Set up Mee6” to the right.

Authorize… Again

You’ll receive another authorization window, this time with the server already selected in the drop-down. Just click on the Continue button once again to proceed.

“I’m Not a Robot”

Click the box next to “I’m not a robot” to continue.

Welcome to your Mee6 dashboard! It’s here that you can make changes to the settings and commands associated with your Mee6 bot. Mee6 offers various auto-commands such as; banning users, deleting messages, and warning a user that is violating your channel’s standards.

Mee6: Auto-Role

Mee6 allows you to add a role automatically to first-time visitors of your server. Most of the auto-assign capabilities for Discord bots revolve around those new to your server. Without going for the premium options on bots that enable more, you’re pretty much stuck with this limited feature.

To add a role for newcomers automatically:

Click the “Welcome” Tab

From the Mee6 dashboard, click on the “Welcome” tab option.

Toggle New Users On

Scroll down to the option labeled “Give a role to new users” and toggle it on.

Click the “+”

Click the ‘+’ in the “ROLES TO GIVE” box and select the role you want visitors of your server to have granted to them automatically. 

Finalize your decision by clicking on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen.

Similar to Dyno Bot, make sure that Mee6 has a higher authority role than the roles you’re granting.

Managing Roles in Discord

If you’d like to individually assign roles you can from within the Discord Application. By clicking on the server you’re working with follow these steps:

Click on the Drop-Down Arrow

Tap on the drop-down located in the top-right where your server name appears. You should see a “down arrow.”

Select Server Settings

Click on “Server Settings.”

Click “Roles”

Choose the second option that appears on the left-hand side that says “Roles.”

Assign Permissions

Toggle the permissions that you’d like to assign to those who are in your server.

To manage server roles within the Discord app check out this article.

The only other way to add an auto-role feature is to create a bot yourself that does the deed. You can add your own special spin on things that will allow certain milestones to be met to achieve a new role or any other way you can think to add one. The limit is your creativity, coding ability, and understanding of the Discord API.

These two proposed bots are very popular meaning that they’re likely to continue to receive support and evolve as time goes on. If you have any special requests for additional features, you can reach out to the support teams for either Dyno Bot or Mee6, on their Discord Support servers.

Can I assign roles for new members?

Absolutely. Assigning roles for new members is often important to keeping peace in your channels. As new users join, you can assign roles that keep them from commenting too much alleviating any possible annoyance. Simply go to the Roles tab, add the New Members role, and click on the Channel you’d like to moderate.

Can I assign a temporary role?

For those times when someone needs temporary access to permissions you can toggle the permissions on but will have to manually turn them off once done.

Can I assign roles to automatically level up?

Aside from the role timers available, the Mee6 Bot will allow you to set auto-level up options.

3 thoughts on “How To Automatically Give Roles in Discord”

Avatar lemonpancake says:
I want people to only be allowed to see certain servers until they accept the rules, reacting with an emoji or something. How do I do that?
Avatar weevl says:
create a “newcomers” or “welcome” role, something along those lines. Additionally, create roles for other users. Then, make private channels (there’s a check-box when you create a new channel to set this up) that exclude the newcomer role as well as a channel just for them.

Set up mee6 to auto-assign the newbie role as people enter the server.

This will create a welcome page where any new people will have to land and interact before being given permissions to access the rest of the server.

Avatar MeatGD says:
How would I do the Level-Up auto role
Avatar Mirko says:
I want Auto roles assigned to new people by timezone. So if for example Americans join I want the bot to give them the North America role

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