How To Completely Avoid Using iTunes Ever Again

iTunes Hate

My former roommate, the same one from whom I purchased my current PC, pretty much swore an oath against iTunes. While the application certainly works well enough on OSX; on Windows it’s a bloated, bug-riddled resource hog.

Don’t even get me started on Quicktime, which until recently was a forced installation alongside iTunes. That god-awful media player has the aggravating tendency to hijack your system, setting itself up as the default for a whole array of different file-types.

To my knowledge, this is an issue that Apple has yet to actually bother addressing.

Anyway, as I said, my former roommate loathed iTunes, and insisted that the application basically killed his old media drive. Honestly? I believe it.  Ever since I got my new system, I’ve avoided using Apple’s ‘management’ platform like the plague. The problem with that is…well, I’ve got an iPod. Of course, the solution to that one should be simple, right? Why not just root the device and install an open-source alternative to Apple’s blunder?

Because believe it or not, that actually isn’t entirely necessary. It’s entirely possible to use an Apple device without ever going near iTunes. It’ll just take a little bit of extra legwork, is all.

Most Apple devices now offer out-of-the-box functionality. You simply open them up, connect them to a wireless network, and you’re pretty much good to go. Same deal goes for updating, as well: just look in the Settings section of your Apple device and tap on “Software Update.”

Media and apps are a little trickier, though it’s still entirely possible to manage both without needing an iTunes installation. As far as purchased content goes, that’s quite simple: all content you purchase from the iTunes Store will be automatically downloaded to your phone. That includes applications, video, music…you get the idea.

Now, not all content on your device will come from iTunes. Matter of fact, most of it probably won’t.  Syncing all that media to any of your iOS devices without using Apple’s platform is most definitely easier said than done. To that end, Apple itself has provided an alternative, known as iTunes Match.

Unfortunately, that alternative doesn’t come free of charge. Match, which allows you to upload all your music to your iCloud account (at which point it’ll be accessible on any iOS device), will run you at about $25.00 a year. Not exactly a steep price, but still a potential deal-breaker for someone not looking to shell out any cash for a solution.

The neat thing about Match is that it doesn’t just upload your music to the cloud. It’ll actually “match” any songs you upload with songs taken from Apple’s library. As a result, you may actually end up with higher-quality music than what you uploaded in the first place.

Where photos are concerned, meanwhile, you can install a third-party application such as Dropbox, Google +, or Flickr.

Of course, if none of this is to your liking, you can simply look at downloading and installing an open-source alternative. I have it on decent authority that Copytrans isn’t half bad.

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