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Backup Your Text Messages on Android with These 5 Tools

If there’s one major area where Android hasn’t quite caught up to iOS, it’s user backups. While iOS uses iCloud to natively sync most of your phone’s data online, a majority of Android devices don’t offer the same native service. Some do, including Google’s own Pixel devices, which sync natively with Google Drive once you’ve signed into your Google account. But if you’re using any number of third-party Android devices, including those developed by Samsung, you’re often left on your own in order to manage your texts. And of course, even phones that offer their own proprietary backup service often leave you without the ability to restore texts if you switch to a different manufacturer’s Android device. If you decide the Galaxy S9 isn’t for you and you’d rather have a Google Pixel 2 XL or the new LG G7, you’re going to find Samsung’s backup tool useless on your new device.

So, instead, most people turn to using backup services from the Play Store, thanks primarily to their versatility and reliability between phone models. Some of the most popular backup applications have been around since the days of Android 2.1 Froyo, and yet, still receive updates to this day. They also tend to backup their files in open file formats, like XML, to allow you to easily transfer and save them on different devices in order to keep them safe and secure. Not every message backup service is perfect; to this day, it’s still possible to lose text messages on your devices if you fail to properly backup your content. But for most users, you’ll likely find that backing up your SMS messages with a third-party service from the Play Store is the route to go if you’re interested in keeping messages from your significant other or your family members for as long as possible.

If you’re looking for some of the best text message backup apps on the Play Store, it can be tough. There are a ton of backup applications on the Play Store today, and finding the right one for you and your phone takes a lot of work. Some backup apps haven’t changed their design since the early days of Android. Other apps use newer styles of design, but haven’t been updated since 2016 or earlier, leaving them difficult to use on newer versions of Android like Android Nougat and Oreo. Don’t let bad backup apps cause you to lose your messages: make sure you’re using a trusted backup app by looking at the five apps we have below. We tested each of these on a Pixel 2 XL, meaning each app has been proven to be up to date and worthy of installing on your device. These are our favorite—and trusted—backup apps for Android.