The Best AMD Radeon RX 550 – November 2018

Posted by Chris on November 26, 2018

The AMD Radeon RX 550 is the entry-level graphics card of the RX 550, aimed squarely at low-end and budget users who can’t afford cards like the RX 570 or 580. Its price and performance also place it against Nvidia’s GTX 1030, which it outperforms by a respectable 13% margin.

Besides the basics, there is an interesting sidenote we should discuss about this graphics card before diving into more detail.

There are 2GB versions and 4GB versions of this card. Those who remember the GTX 1060 3GB/6GB debacle may expect there to be a significant performance delta between the two versions of the card, but this delta pretty much doesn’t exist here. Rather than being an indication of differing hardware power, the only difference between the 2GB and 4GB versions of this card is VRAM capacity.

Where this difference comes into play isn’t in actual performance numbers- at least, not at 1080p and lower resolutions. More VRAM allows a graphics card to handle higher resolutions without an as-significant performance drop, so a few games may be playable at higher resolutions with the 4GB version of this card than with the 2GB counterpart.

Aside from that caveat, it doesn’t matter too much if you buy 2GB or 4GB. Just get whatever works for your budget or personal tastes.

Where does this graphics card excel?

“Excel” is a pretty strong word to describe a card in this range, unfortunately. We’ll elaborate on this below.

The areas this graphics card is suited for include:

  • Basic PC usage. Basic tasks you’ll be performing on your PC, like browsing the web and watching Netflix, shouldn’t be bottlenecked by this card. The 4GB VRAM editions may make this card capable of handling these tasks at higher resolutions.
  • HTPC usage. If you want to use this GPU as a dedicated card for a home theater PC, you shouldn’t have many issues. It will be more than adequate for playing and streaming HD content. Many of these cards are also on the smaller side, which should help.
  • Retro gaming usage. Retro PC games should work well with this card- if a game came out between now and 2010, your performance may be pretty hit-or-miss. Earlier games should work pretty well with this card, though. Most emulation should work fine as well, so long as you have the CPU to back it up.
  • Low-profile PC usage. If you need to build a tiny PC, there are quite a few tiny RX 550 graphics cards. Our top performance pick in this article is also our top low-profile pick, so we’d consider grabbing that one if you’re considering this usage scenario.

Is this graphics card too little for my usage scenarios?

If you want to do one of the following, this probably isn’t the graphics card for you:

  • High-end gaming. If you want to play recent titles at high settings, this is not the card for you. The performance required for a high-end gaming experience simply isn’t here, so we strongly recommend against getting this card for that purpose.
  • Modern gaming. While modern games may be playable with numerous compromises, we generally wouldn’t recommend a card of this power level for modern games. Hardware requirements are increasing every year, and this is far beneath the minimum specs of even semi-recent AAA titles, like Nier Automata.
  • Playing eSports. If you’re an eSports player or enjoy playing big multiplayer titles, this isn’t the right card for you. Playing games like Overwatch or CS:GO require at least mid-tier performance for the ideal experience- if you can’t maintain an at least 60FPS average, you’re at a massive disadvantage against other players. We recommend updating to a GTX 1050 or RX 560 for this purpose.
  • Modern emulators. Modern emulators, like Cemu, will likely be too much for this GPU to handle. While Dolphin should work (in theory), you’ll likely be forced to play games at lower resolutions, or be unable to play certain demanding titles.
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JohnIL says:
Don’t buy either the RX550 or GT1030 for gaming. If your interested in updating the Intel graphics or need a better video port option for a workstation these cards work great. They have minimal power needs and will be great for a media center, or basic work or home PC. I would assume a informed gamer would pass on either one of these without giving it a thought. I upgraded two Haswell desktop PC’s with a GT1030 and the other a RX550. Very satisfied with their 2D performance.

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