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The Best and Fastest Wireless Chargers

Wireless charging, also referred to as Qi charging or Qi technology, was first introduced in 2008. Its popularity has grown tremendously since the bad boys of smartphones, Samsung and Apple, begun incorporating the technology into their devices.

Though the chargers themselves typically cost slightly more than cable types, with a wireless charger you no longer need to struggle with endless cables for different devices; one charger fits all. There is less wear and tear on the USB port of your device, and you can still use your phone as it charges with many of the designs – they look pretty cool too!

With endless choice, how do you know which of the best is the best? Well, that depends on your requirements. We’ve taken a good look at the different types on the market and reviewed a handful of the best and fastest chargers. Since the majority of them only work with Qi-compatible phones, we’ve included an option for non-compatible phones.

So, without further ado, let us get stuck in!