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The Five Best Android Launchers [July 2020]

The next time you go shopping for a new phone, you might notice you only have two choices for your operating system: iOS and Android. While iOS has become the top choice for many users, Android holds the crown as the best way to make your new smartphone truly yours. Thanks to nearly limitless possibilities for phone customization—including different wallpapers, icon packs, color themes, alternate lock screens, and more—you make your phone look and feel exactly how you want it, just from the settings menu alone.

Of course, there’s no customization option more popular on Android than custom launchers. For anyone unfamiliar, the “launcher” on your phone is the part of Android you interact with every day, containing your home screens, app shortcuts, and widgets. While iOS keeps their launcher locked to a simple grid, Android allows you to install a completely new launcher from the Play Store, where you’ll find no shortage of free or cheap launchers to choose from.

It’s important to make an informed choice before installing a launcher on your phone or tablet, since there’s plenty of poorly optimized or aging launchers still available for Android. A bad launcher can slow down your device, making everything on your phone feel laggy and frustrating. So, in order to avoid a bad experience on your phone, we’ve tested as many Android launchers as we could find in order to find the best launchers for your phone. If you’re looking to truly customize your device and make it yours, these are the launchers you should download in July 2020.