The Best Apps to Download YouTube Videos [February 2020]

Best Apps to Download Youtube Videos

Even though YouTube doesn’t theoretically condone video downloads, it’s not like the media giant has ever cracked down on the people that do this. Not all videos on YouTube have copyrights, as there’s plenty of free content to go around.

So, if you do want to download YouTube videos, rest assured that you can. And you can do this with a wide range of programs, each one with its own set of features. Here are some of the best apps for any platform you may be using.

4K Video Downloader

The 4K Video Downloader is a free app available for all operating systems, including Mac, Linux, and Windows. While it’s not mobile-friendly, it’s a surefire way of downloading your favorite YouTube videos in record time to your personal computer or laptop.

4k video downloader

Among the formats you can download, you’ll find MP4 and MP3. There’s also support for 3D videos, although this is not part of the free version of the app.

The downloader also provides some customization options and allows you to queue and download entire playlists, with up to 24 videos. And, it’s all as easy as pasting the video URL into the app, choosing a format, level of quality, and pressing the download button.

You should also know that the paid version of the 4K Video Downloader grants you access to exclusive perks. These include downloading videos with captions, more extended playlists, and some other additional features.

YouTube App

The consensus is that the YouTube App is the most legit way of downloading YouTube videos. With the help of this app, you’ll be able to download copyright-protected as well as un-protected videos on all Android and iOS devices.

youtube app

You can choose a resolution up to 720p, and you can make it so that all videos download in the same level of quality further down the line.

If you haven’t used it before, know that the interface can be somewhat cluttered, as is the case with the platform’s interface. However, you shouldn’t have any issues navigating it.

The downloading process is straightforward. You first launch the app, then search for your video, and look for the Download button underneath the thumbnail. You’ll find all downloaded videos in the Downloads folder on your device.

Note that this app will prompt you for a YouTube Premium subscription when trying to download copyright-protected content. And, we recommend that you use a newer generation device with this app, as it can be quite heavy on the resources, especially given the amount of data it processes.

YouTube Go

If you’re looking to download YouTube videos on an Android device, particularly an older generation device, YouTube Go is probably the app for you.

youtube go

This one is a trimmed-down version of the YouTube App. That means that it’s been designed to work on slower and older smartphones and tablets. The app is minimalistic and very intuitive and allows you to download videos in either standard or high quality.

While it doesn’t offer fancy features like downloading videos in bulk, YouTube Go has one amazing thing going for it. It won’t prompt you for a YouTube Premium subscription to allow you to download a video you like.

However, this means that you won’t be able to download some videos.

WinX YouTube Downloader

At first glance, this may seem like just another video downloader that can take down YouTube videos in up to 4K. However, the WinX is more than a YouTube downloader. This program, available on both Windows and macOS, actually supports over 30 video sharing platforms.

winx youtube downloader

You can get videos from other popular websites and platforms such as Vimeo, DailyMotion, even Facebook, with the help of this fantastic app. It’s one of the few programs of its kind.

What’s even better, besides website compatibility and 4K video download support, is the fact that this app supports multiple simultaneous downloads. Again, not a very common feature.

The app also gives you the choice of many output formats. After you input a video URL link, the Analyze button will allow you to view the list of all possible formats (MP4, 3GP, WEBM, etc.), as well as resolutions.

The only minor downside is that the WinX YouTube Downloader doesn’t support mp3 extraction from YouTube videos.

Free YouTube Download

Free YouTube Download is an app that does what its name implies. It’s not necessarily the best in terms of performance, but it’s one of the few that has native support for Windows, macOS, and Android.

free youtube downloader

The interface is simple. It’s designed to be foolproof since it features an Auto Download option. You only need to click on this feature, and then paste your video URL into the app. The only thing left to do is kick back and watch the download start.

What’s nice is that you can also download multiple videos at a time. And, there are a few conversion options, too. The list includes MP4, MKV, and even AVI. If you don’t want a full video, you can rip the audio track in mp3 format.

Does it have any drawbacks? The app limits you to three minute long videos. While it may not be great for music videos, it’s probably one of the best free tools you can use for quick tutorials, trailers, and other short videos off YouTube.


TubeMate is a premier Android-based YouTube video downloader. Why? Because the app is essentially a browser that lets you access YouTube as well as other video sharing websites. Hence, you can access your favorite platforms directly from the app and download videos from there.

tube m

Besides not needing to copy-paste every single video, TubeMate also allows you to extract audio only, in mp3 format. You can also choose the quality of the video, depending on your preference or available storage space.

The app is also free, which makes things even better. And, it’s available for Windows operating systems, too. Note that you will see some ads, as a result of the app’s freemium business model. Even so, the ads are few and are also discreet, like with many other YouTube downloaders.

So, the only real minor drawback is that you can’t select a preferred download folder. Once your download finishes, you’ll have to go to your standard download folder to access it, rename it, move it, etc.

iTube HD Video Downloader

This app is available for all major platforms, such as Windows, Android, and macOS. However, it’s the compatibility with iPhones that makes it stand out.


The program can download at very high speeds and will allow you to download single videos, multiple videos in parallel, or entire playlists.

Many output formats are available, as well as resolution options. Furthermore, you can also rip mp3 audio from your favorite YouTube videos.

What’s also cool about this app is that you can also record YouTube videos with it. That means that it does way more than download stuff for you.

The app also has Private Mode and a fast Transfer feature, which can help you send your ripped videos to any device associated with your iTube HD Video Downloader license. And yes, this is pretty much the only drawback, as you will have to pay to reap the full benefits of the app.

There’s also a trial version that you can use, but it has quite limited capabilities and doesn’t last long either.


Having nothing to do with Snapchat, Snaptube is an Android video downloader that surprise, surprise, works with YouTube too. The app has a simple and intuitive interface which conveniently lists all popular streaming platforms.


Again, its simplicity makes it ideal. You don’t have to copy-paste URLs into the app. Instead, use Snaptube as a browser and access YouTube directly from its homepage. Note that you will be accessing the mobile version of the website.

Once you find the video that you want, you can then tap the big red download button and select the quality of the video. While the app does contain some ads, it’s also free to use.

Since nothing is perfect, here’s one minor flaw of Snaptube. The app has minimalistic organizational features. That means that you’ll have to sort out your videos into separate folders manually since the app sends everything to your default storage location.


KeepVid is one of the safest ways to download your favorite YouTube videos. The app comes with a built-in player, has a simple and intuitive interface, and allows you to download videos in 4K quality.


Furthermore, you can also download audio, if you want an mp3 version of some music videos. As is the case with other similar apps, KeepVid acts as a browser and will let you access YouTube directly from the app. Therefore, you don’t need to copy-paste links.

The app is free if you don’t mind seeing some ads here and there. If you want to remove the advertisements, you can opt for the premium version of KeepVid. But keep in mind that you won’t be getting additional downloading perks.

KeepVid works with other streaming websites too. And, on top of that, it will prevent you from downloading illegal content.

That may seem like a drawback to some people. However, there surely are plenty of folks who try to be on the up and up, even when downloading YouTube videos. That’s why the video organization that KeepVid does for you can come in very handy.


From the looks of it, the iTubeGo app doesn’t come with anything too innovative. That said, this is one of the smoothest YouTube downloaders in terms of performance and speed.


The interface is intuitive, and the fact that the app has a built-in player and file converter makes things even better.

One of the things you’ll probably appreciate most is that you can also download subtitles for your videos, wherever they are available. And, with iTubeGo, you won’t be restricting yourself to just YouTube video downloads.

One of the most impressive things about this app is its massive library of streaming platforms. Another cool perk is the ability to manage your downloads. If you haven’t noticed, a lot of YouTube downloaders store videos in your default download folder.

But, with the iTubeGo, you can sort things out as you initiate a download. Although you can try out the app for free, there will be some customization limitations, as well as a 10-downloads limit.

That said, the app is new, the developers learned from the existing competition’s mistakes, and it doesn’t cost that much if you plan on downloading content continually.

aTube Catcher

The aTube Catcher is a simple, high-performance YouTube video downloader. It is a Windows compatible app that doesn’t push any AdWare on you, and that has a user-friendly interface.


With the aTube Catcher, you can choose between many video output formats, including the original one in which the user uploaded the video.

Another cool thing is that you can download videos in batches, which is nice and compensates for the lack of a playlist download feature. Because the app doesn’t have a built-in browser, you’ll have to manually paste the video URL into the aTube Catcher and then tinker with the options.

The program will allow you to save videos in a folder of your choosing, which is great for organizational purposes. Some of the other cool features include a DVD/BluRay creator, a Stream Catcher, and a Screen Record feature. The last one can help you bypass some copyright restrictions or capture moments from your favorite streamers.

The only thing this program lacks is support for platforms other than Windows. Although, props to the developer for making it fully compatible with older Windows releases.


Y2mate is a tool that does things differently. It is a tool that you don’t have to download to your computer or device. Instead, you can access it from your browser as you would any regular website. There’s no accounts, no memberships, or adware to worry about with this downloader.


Once you access the Y2mate site, you’ll notice three categories – for downloading, converting, and converting to mp3. After selecting the one you want, you can then paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to download in the white box.

The video will load up on the left side, and on the right, you’ll see your download options. The maximum resolution you can get is 1080p, which is more than enough for most screens. After clicking on the Download button link, you can then also choose the destination folder.

That’s pretty much it. No muss, no fuss, but not the best download speeds either. You should also know that the only output format is MP4.


VidMate can be another mate that helps you download YouTube videos free and fast. The app acts as a browser and will let you launch the YouTube mobile website from your Android device.


The app sorts videos into shows, music, sports, movies, and others. That will make it even easier to narrow down your searches. Of course, the search bar is also available.

Although VidMate offers a fast bandwidth, the more you increase the resolution, the slower the downloads will be. Still, you can choose whichever option you want up to 1080p, and you can also set the preferred download folder.

The app is free to use but will run some ads. Among the available output file formats, you’ll find mp3, MP4, MPEG, MOV, and others. Depending, of course, on the source video.

And, like any excellent video downloader, you can queue and download multiple videos simultaneously to save time. Even better, you can use the app to download videos from other streaming platforms too. The list includes DailyMotion, Facebook, and other platforms.


NewPipe is one of the fastest Android open-source YouTube downloaders. The app offers a range of privacy features, language support, and an ad-free experience. It also has a built-in player for added convenience.


You may also appreciate the fact that you can open any video from NewPipe directly in your Kodi player. And, that you can download videos in up to 4K resolution, depending on the source video.

In cases where they are available, you can also download subtitles with your videos. Although, there’s no support for closed captions just yet.

Besides the fact that you’ll get outstanding download speeds and that you won’t have to pay a penny in fees, the NewPipe app is also lightweight. It doesn’t eat up too many resources, thus making it a better fit for older generation smartphones and tablets.

The only issue with this app is that you may need additional third-party software, F-Droid, to make sure that the app works smoothly. It will also keep the NewPipe app up to date with new releases and bug fixes.

There’s No Reason Not to Enjoy Your Favorite Content Offline

Sure, it would be nice if we could all afford to buy every song, music video, and any other piece of digital content that we like. But even then, wouldn’t there still be a need to have offline access to that content?

As connected as the world is, there are many situations where you can find yourself without any internet access. It’s times like those that make you wish you had a proper YouTube downloader installed, and that you can put it to good use.

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