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The Best Bike Desks [December 2020]

We’ve all been spending a lot of time working from home lately, and that makes it tough to keep active throughout the day. Even if you aren’t clocking into a traditional nine-to-five job at a Fortune 500 company every morning, it’s virtually impossible to avoid desk work altogether. Thanks to an endless number of bills that need to be paid, letters that need to be written, and forms that need to be signed, desk jobs are a curse that many of us face each morning.

This reality is unfortunate, not only because sitting at a desk for hours on end can be mind-numbingly boring, but also because it’s bad for your physical health. It’s been proven time and time again that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to a seemingly endless number of health problems including heart disease, depression, and muscular atrophy.

The likelihood of developing one of these ailments only grows the more you stay seated, which has sinister implications for those of us who spend most of our days behind a desk. Enter the “bike desk”—an incredibly simple yet ingenious solution to getting exercise while your working either at home or at the office. These contraptions operate exactly as they sound, by allowing you to either passively or actively workout while you get work done. It’s the definition of a win-win scenario, and there are a variety of bike desks to choose from depending on your specific needs.

So, whether you’re trying to add some activity throughout your day or replace gyms if yours is currently closed,  here are some of the best and most productive bike desks money can buy ahead of the holiday season.