The Best Bluetooth Headphone Hats

Posted by Nick on April 2, 2018

There are a few things that just don’t seem to fit together in life. Nutella and hot sauce come to mind. Also perhaps a chocolate cake filled with fish. And then there’s the cold, open outdoors and headphones. Everyone has tried the headphones-over-the-winter-hat technique, which inevitably leads to an unfortunate, muffled listening experience. Then of course there’s the headphones-under-the-hat technique, which only stretches out your hat and lets so much cold air in that you might as well not be wearing a hat at all. It was with this very issue in mind that someone came up with the Bluetooth hat—an ingenious combination of hat and headphone that allows you to stream your favorite music when you’re outside in the cold and need a nice, warm hat at the same time. Many of these Bluetooth hats pair seamlessly with your mobile devices, and even allow you to make and receive calls. So don’t force yourself to choose between listening to your favorite tunes and keeping your head warm the next time you find yourself facing the great, cold outdoors. Instead, get yourself a Bluetooth hat. Here are the top 8.

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