The 10 Best Electric Skateboards – June 2017

Powered skateboards admittedly had a bit of a rocky start. They first saw the light of day in the mid-70s, but since they had to be powered by gasoline, they were obnoxiously loud and emitted large plumes of foul exhaust. Now, however, electric skateboards offer an exciting alternative to regular skateboards and hover boards, and have become a uniquely popular mode of transformation for campus-goers and city commuters looking to get from point A to point B with minimum effort and maximum style. Powered by an electric motor, these boards are often controlled via remote control, and some can reach speeds of up to around 30 MPH. There are about 20 different major companies producing these electric skateboards, and there are roughly 50 individual boards to choose from. We’ve ranked the top ten best boards so you don’t have to experiment.

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One thought on “The 10 Best Electric Skateboards – June 2017”

Avatar Colton Agar says:
Surprised to see the Hellfire beat the Boosted Board in your evaluation, looks like Inboard and Boosted aren’t the only electric boards consider right now.

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