Best external batteries for iPhones, Samsungs, Pixels and other Android Smart Phones

Posted by Desmond Andrada on April 17, 2018

Having an external battery for your phone has become a must-have for the modern person, especially for those who are always using their mobile device. The latest smartphones that could do with an external battery are the iPhone 10, iPhone 8, iPhone Plus, Google pixel 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. They are brilliant phones but like with the previous versions they still ack that long-lasting battery life we all desire. It has been many years since the first iPhone was released but the battery is the only thing that hasn’t changed much since the release of the iconic phone.

The good news is that there has been an increase in better batteries appearing on the market within the most recent years, providing faster charging to smartphones. The latest smartphone tech needs a lot of power to keep going, so the 1821 mAh and the 2675 mAh battery capacity of the iPhone 8 or iPhone 10 are not going to last you the whole day and will require the latest battery tech. If you use an older smartphone your power needs are going to be even more desperate but fortunately, we are here to give the best guide to picking the perfect power bank for all your needs.

If you use your smartphone all the time then these power banks will be the perfect sidekick for your smartphone. These portable chargers will be your ticket to freedom!

Power banks vary all over the place in price, capacity and charging ability but with our help, you’ll get the best one for you. We have searched all over for the best deals on the marketplace, meaning you will get your money’s worth.

Top 20 Best Portable Chargers for iPhone 10, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Note 8 and Google Pixel 2

Best All-Around Power Bank, Most Fun & Best Gift: GGTR Gamer Series

EDITOR’S PICK: The GGTR Gamer Series Power Banks is the Pikachu of power banks. They are compact, cute and full of large volumes of quick charging energy. These power bombs provide a large visual impact to set itself apart from your standard black power pack. The retro-styled aesthetics will give you a shock as they pack quite the punch!

The GGTR Gamer Series of Power Banks use three gamer-inspired color choices. They make using the cuties even more fun and even come with customizable sticker packs for your power bank!! You’ll even notice the names are witty and funny such as “cheeky-charger” (looking just like Pikachu’s cheeks from the cartoon Pokémon). You can also get your very own “DexCharge” (which is based on your childhood Pokédex) and finally the “Outlet_evaders” (is a design inspired by Space Invaders, the original Atari game). They are great fun to use and a must have for any avid gamer.


There should be no arguing that these portable chargers are by far the most fun power banks to have. When we did a review of the GGTR Gamer Series Power Banks we found that they are incredibly powerful, highly functional and feature multiple inputs that are great for charging your power bank with whatever cable is convenient (USB type-C or micro-USB). You can also charge two devices at once on the GGTR power banks. Included with the device is a convenient micro-USB cable for charging when on the move when using the power bank. The power banks also include the fastest charging technology with quick charge 3.0 charging any device three times faster than any standard portable charger.  When we tested charging speeds on all of the fast charger power banks on this list, to our surprise the GGTR Gamer Series Power Banks beat them all. With the use of a 10,000 mAH battery, you can get a full three charges on most of the smartphone models. The GGTR also gives you a 12-month warranty so you know that the power bank is of high quality.

If we haven’t convinced you yet, then this will because the GGTR even come with a lightweight mesh “travel bag” that is a cute mesh bag for putting your gamer-inspired power bank in.  If that special someone loves gaming or Pokémon or even just fun designs and their smartphone is always dying then this is the Ultimate holiday gift!

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