Where To Download Free 3D Models

Posted by Anna Middleton on July 7, 2019
Free 3D Models

3D models take a lot of time and practice to create, but did you know that you don’t have to start from scratch? There are many websites where you can find thousands of different 3D models you can work on. You can also download and print them using your 3D printer. This article will tell you what those websites are and what type of models you can find there. Get your printer ready because you will find an amazing selection of cool items to print.

Best Sites for Downloading 3D Models

Here are some of the best websites you can use to download thousands of 3D models.


3DShook is a website with over 1,500 free 3D models mostly focused on “out of the box” designs that will make your home and your everyday routine more fun. For example, there are cool ideas like picture frames, necklaces, bracelets, and many other useful items that can be printed with a 3D printer. Some of the models are free, while others cost between 2 and 10 dollars each.

3D shook

Are you looking for a weird vase or a funny mold for your cookies? 3DShook has you covered. Their collection of unusual designs is exceptional, especially if you want to surprise someone with a quirky gift like a banana case.

Cults 3D

You can find all kinds of 3D models on Cults, including high-quality professional designs and some amateur 3D models as well. The files are organized into different categories like gadgets, art, fashion, jewelry, and so on. The website has an easy-to-use interface and an impressive database of useful designs.


Most of the models are free, and all the prices are affordable. Take a look at their collection, and you will surely find ideas that will wow and amuse you.


Pinshape has a collection of 13,000 STL files. It includes toys and games you can print for your kids, as well as miniatures, jewelry, gadgets, and other categories. There’s a model replica of Darth Vader, the Simpsons’ home, as well as many useful household gadgets.


If you own a 3D printer, you will probably spend quite some time browsing through their model collection. Most of the models are free.


If you Google search for 3D models, Thingiverse will probably pop out as one of the most popular websites. Their collection has more than 9,000 free designs in STL files. One of the best things about Thingiverse is that you don’t even have to register or open an account to download their models.


It takes a little while until you figure out what’s where, but once you do, there are so many different items you can print out for free. You can find a moose cookie cutter, customized Lego parts, video game character models, weird key chains, table organizers, lamps, and much, much more.

3D Warehouse

The 3D Warehouse is a website with over 38,000 printable 3D models of buildings, cars, electronics, furniture, and various geometrical models. If you have an interest in tech or architecture, you will find yourself browsing this site for days on end. You can find miniature models of many famous landmarks from all over the world, as well as models of animals, movie characters, boats, planes, and so on.

3D warehouse

The website is easy to navigate, and you can use the “Only Show Printable Models” feature if you want to narrow it down to what you can print.


GrabCAD is full of technical 3D models. Their database is quite different from what other similar sites have to offer. You won’t find any cookie cutters or key chains here. However, if you’re looking for detailed models of trucks, cars, planes, chairs, furniture, this site is precisely what you need.


The website is easy to navigate, and it offers more than 27,000 3D files. Keep in mind the models on this site are not designed for printing.


CGTrader has over 13,000 printable free models in its database. Most of them are impressive, and you can download and print them in a matter of minutes. You can find model animals, planes, cars, characters, electronics, buildings, furniture, and so on.

CG trader

This site is easy to navigate, and all of the files and formats are organized by category. You can even find animated interior and exterior models of homes and buildings. Some 3D models are free, while others come at an affordable price.

Get Creative

Having a 3D printer around the house is a great way to create unique decorations for your home. You can find all kinds of items you won’t be able to buy anywhere else. When your guests ask you where you bought all of the decorations in your living room, you can just tell them that you made them yourself.

There are plenty of free 3D models out there everyone. What are your favorite models? Tell us which site you like the most and why.

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