The Best Games for Google Daydream – June 2017

Want to get into VR? Want to play games and be totally immersed? Here are some of the best games for Google Daydream out right now.

Second time round, virtual reality seems to be coming of age and offering a viable entertainment platform. It may still be an emerging technology but it is maturing very fast. One of the many VR products on the market right now is the Google Daydream. If you already have a Pixel phone, this cheap VR setup could have you immersed in minutes.

But what games are worth your time and money?

Mekorama – $3.99

Mekorama is a cute puzzler that is frustrating and entertaining in equal measure. Your goal is to direct your little robot across the game environment by manipulating the world around it. Using the Bluetooth remote, you have to direct your little mech across a variety of puzzles in order to get to the end. It is a very clever game that looks and feels amazing.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes – $9.99

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a compelling game that doesn’t initially look very much at all. You are faced with a bomb and a countdown timer. You need to defuse the bomb before that timer runs out or you die. There is only one problem. You have no idea how to defuse a bomb. Fortunately, your co-op partner has the manual and can talk you through it. That is where the fun begins.

Need for Speed No Limits VR – $7.49

Need for Speed No Limits VR takes the immensely popular racing series and brings it to the Google Daydream. It has all the characteristics of previous games, seat of the pants racing, a variety of tracks, the ability to customize cars and the inclusion of VR perspectives make this a game well worth playing if you like racing games. Try it immediately after buying it though as some players have experienced game-breaking bugs.

Hunters Gate – $5.99

Hunters Gate is an RPG cum shooter where you play a sorcerer or hunter fighting off demon hordes. With maze-like levels, almost unlimited numbers of enemies, power-ups, weapons upgrades and more there is a lot to recommend this. You control the crosshairs of your character with the Daydream Controller and take on the world. There is also a neat local multiplayer mode where you can play with buddies in your proximity for raids and groups.

Battle Planet – $10.99

Battle Planet is another shooter for Google Daydream. This time you are defending a mini planet from alien invaders. You, along with your robot buddy have to defend the planet from attackers that include waves, bosses and bombs. The range of enemies is good, the range of weapons and upgrades is interesting and the pace and challenge is perfectly balanced.

Star Chart VR – $4.99

Star Chart VR isn’t a game but is what VR is all about. Exploring the universe and going places you cannot yet go and learn a little along the way. Explore our solar system, fly among the stars, through the rings of Saturn and explore in full 3D. It isn’t just a journey but a full experience with the ability to move and manipulate your surroundings as you go. It not only shows you how insignificant humans are but how awesome the universe is. While you may not get to shoot stuff, I have spent more time here than in any of these other games.

Gunjack 2: End of Shift – $15.99

Gunjack 2: End of Shift is another VR installment from CCP, the makers of Eve Online. This is a Google Daydream exclusive and looks to repeat the success of other Gunjack games in VR. The premise is simple, fight off alien hordes in your space fighter controlled with the Daydream Controller. It is a very intense game that will have you as tense as tense thing but will keep you entertained for hours, which is good given the price.

Wands – $5.99

Wands is a multiplayer game that sets your wand equipped wizard against other players with their own similarly equipped avatar. It’s a simple PVP game that is deceptively addicting. The simple premise is backed up by the ability to learn new spells and a workshop area where you can practice and refine your skills as well as modify your character. While simple, the game is very well made and has won awards for its quality. Well worth a try.

Twilight Pioneers – Free

Twilight Pioneers is a Google Daydream RPG that combines character customization, interesting game worlds, boss fights, simple game mechanics and dragons into one cohesive whole. Once you get used to waving a sword around when you don’t have actual arms, the game is very easy to get to grips with. Freedom of movement is key in this game and is one of its strengths. While fighting can become repetitive, the world itself is strangely engaging. Considering the game if free, it is well worth trying.

VR Karts – Free / $4.99

As long as you don’t suffer from motion sickness, VR Karts is an excellent game for the Google Daydream. It looks and feels a lot like a certain other kart game and plays a lot like it too. You speed around a variety of tracks while trying to pick up weapons and powerups and fighting off other racers. Play on your own or multiplayer with a Championship mode for accomplished racers. It is fast, frenetic action but great fun to play.

All of these Google Daydream VR games are worth playing considering their relatively low cost. They look good, work (mostly) very well and utilize the power of the new Pixel phones as much as can be expected. The quality is certainly there and the variety of available games is growing all the time. Considering that the VR space is still relatively young, these games are remarkably advanced in terms of quality.

Got any other suggestions for Google Daydream games we need to play? Tell us about them below if you do!

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