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Posted by Chris on July 29, 2018

The GTX 1070 Ti is a newer card from Nvidia, serving as a middle ground between the GTX 1080 and the original GTX 1070. Boasting a whopping 83% performance increase over its last-gen counterpart, the GTX 970, the 1070 Ti is billed as a worthy successor to any 900 series card, and one of the leading members of the 1000 family.

Below, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the 1070 Ti and provide our top picks for the Best GTX 1070 Ti.

What’s the difference between the 1070 Ti and the 1070?

Honestly, from a performance standpoint, the 1070 Ti is a lot closer to the GTX 1080 than it is the 1070. This is reflected in the fact that the 1070 Ti boasts a whopping 2432 CUDA cores, compared to the 1070’s 1920 and the 1080’s 2560 count. Aside from hardline tech specs, you can also take a look at the benchmarks.

The GTX 1070 Ti boasts a considerable 17% overall performance advantage over the 1070, but only has a marginal 6% performance deficit versus the GTX 1080. When you take into consideration the fact these cards can often be priced up to $100 apart, that performance delta becomes significant.

Essentially, the 1070 Ti handily beats the 1070 and borders on the level of the 1080, if you’re willing to sacrifice that 6% of performance. If you’re considering a GTX 1080 but want to save a bit of money/don’t see yourself using it to its fullest extent, then a 1070 Ti may be exactly the graphics card for your needs.

Where does the GTX 1070 Ti excel?

The GTX 1070 Ti excels in the following scenarios:

  • 1440p gaming. Gaming at 1440p in high-to-max settings should be more than possible with the GTX 1070 Ti. Only the latest, most poorly-optimized titles (looking at you, PUBG) should ever give you any performance issues.
  • 144hz gaming. 144hz gaming is very possible, but you may need to stay at 1080p or turn down settings to maintain 144+ FPS. Not even a 1080 can reliably stay above 144 FPS in some games at 1440p/high settings.
  • VR gaming. The 1070 Ti is much more powerful than the 1060 recommended spec for VR, so expect great performance in pretty much any VR game you play, even the higher end ones. You can also utilize SteamVR’s resolution scaling feature to render at higher resolutions and downscale to your headset, should you see fit.
  • 4K gaming. The 1070 Ti should be roughly on par with the 1080 in 4K gaming, making it great for 4K games at medium-to-high settings. 4K is still a lot to ask for a modern GPU, though, so be sure to configure your settings carefully.

Is the GTX 1070 Ti overkill for my usage scenarios?

The 1070 Ti might be a little bit overkill if you’re only using it in the following scenarios:

  • 1080p or lower resolution gaming. Buy a 1050 (Ti) or 1060 3GB. If all you’re doing is playing at 1080p, you seriously should not be running this graphics card, as you won’t notice any meaningful differences. A 144hz monitor may make this acceptable, but the 1070 may be the wiser choice here, depending on the performance demands of the games you’re playing.
  • Retro gaming. Running emulators or playing old PC games? You don’t need this kind of hardware power, by any stretch fo the imagination. Unless you’re running a cutting-edge emulator like Cemu or RPCS3, we highly recommend that you stick with a lower-end card if you’re running an emulation machine.
  • Weak CPU/budget build. Last but certainly not least, don’t match this card with anything less than a modern, high-end i5 or Ryzen 5 processor. Anything less will result in unpleasant bottlenecking: consider instead opting for a lower-end card or better balancing your CPU/GPU performance.
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