The Best Headphones for Kids [July 2019]

Posted by Nick on July 9, 2019

It could be argued that there are simply too many headphones on the market. Whether you’re a professional studio engineer who invests in top-notch recording headphones or a casual listener who simply wants to pass the time on your morning commute, there is a virtually endless number of headphones to choose from.

Much of this of courses depends on your budget, and buying certain headphones can feel like you’re making a down payment on a new car. There’s one subcategory of headphones, however, where you’ll never have to worry about breaking the bank: Kids’ headphones. 

That’s because it’s no longer pro-level audio producers and serious audiophiles that get to enjoy everything that headphones have to offer. Kids too now have a massive trove of headphones to choose from (alright, it will probably be the parents who are doing the choosing), and some of them actually sound pretty darn good given their unbeatably low prices.

So whether you’re looking to transform your child into the next world-renowned DJ or you simply want to grab a last-minute gift for a nephew, check out this list of headphones that are designed specifically for kids.

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