The Best Kodi TV Boxes [July 2019]

The media-streaming revolution is finally upon us. Users are finally able to ring up everything from the latest TV shows and movies to esoteric and old-school titles right on their TV in the comfort of their living room–without having to trek to the video store or even wait for a disk from Netflix to arrive in the mail.

There are, of course, several go-to platforms that compete for subscriptions among those who love to stream. Netflix, Hulu, and Roku are all fantastic platforms that offer a long list of titeles that span a wide range of genres, and their inginuity and user-friendly interfaces should be applauded.

Still, for the hardcore and tech-savy streamers, these services can fall a bit flat. Regardless of whether you’re streaming content directly on your laptop or you have a third-party box that’s used to dial-in your favorite shows, platforms like Netflix and Hulu tend to lack the functionality that some users crave.

Home-theater entusiasts, for example, may want to route their various sound systems and servers into a single box that can perfectly control the flow of information to the screen–without having to rely on a sea of cables and external routers in order to get the job done.

That’s why true AV fanatics tend to invest in what’s known as a Kodi TV box. Developed by XBMC, these all-in-one platforms allow users to control virtually every aspect of their entertainment experience–through a single, streamlined interface that integrates everything from streaming content and Internet to digital media and offline storage.

As a multi-platform home-theater application, Kodi is uniquely customizable, and offers a variety of skins that can change its appearance and overal functionality. You also get to implement and experiment with a wide range of third-party plugins, and since the software is open source and cross-platform by nature, users with knowlegde of programming languages like C++ and Python can tweak their settings and engagement to their heart’s conent.

So if your run-of-the-mill streaming service just isn’t offering the kind of power and customizable interface you crave, check out our list of the best Kodi boxes around.

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