5 of the Best Monogram Fonts on the Internet

Posted by Jamie on November 23, 2016

There are millions of fonts out there and choosing just one can be as problematic as finding that one in the first place. Monogram fonts are primarily used for more formal designs such as letters, invitations, notifications online or in print. You can even use them for needlework or other craft too!

While you could feasibly use any font for these mediums, monogram fonts lend themselves perfectly to it. They are decorative, attractive and yet simple at the same time. Perfect for bringing a little zing to a design without going overboard.

So here at the five of the best monogram fonts on the internet right now.

The best monogram fonts?

The best is obviously a subjective term. Best for what? For whom? For where? Font selection depends a lot on where you want to use them and for what purpose. So in this list, I have selected what I think are the most flexible monogram fonts. Fonts that could work in multiple forms on multiple mediums. I hope you find one you like!


Apex Lake

Apex Lake is a very flexible font. It is very decorative and contains a lot of detail. It is also clear and distinct enough to be a viable option for all kinds of mediums. It has a very Victorian element which adds character while the main form of the font stands out against the background clearly enough to be seen even at a distance.

Download Apex Lake here.


Square Caps

Square Caps has a definite medieval feel to it and looks amazing. It could be used in a historical context, in embroidery or in a fantasy settings. The white on black works well from a distance and could be used online, on paper or on fabric. It really is quite a versatile font. While not as distinct as Apex Lake, I think is flexible enough to include on this list.

Download Square Caps here.


Intellecta Monograms

Intellecta Monograms by Intellecta Design are a series of font families rather than an individual one. Each is incredibly detailed and has been designed for a range of themes, medieval, Celtic, fancy, Art Deco and more. While they don’t work quite so well from a distance and probably wouldn’t work on fabric, they are of a quality that is rarely seen in fonts.

Download Intellecta Monograms here.


Freebooter Script

Freebooter Script is a very flexible monogram font that could be used pretty much anywhere. It is clear, distinct and well designed and would look at home on print, online or on fabric. There is definitely a swashbuckling element to the flourishes and I like it for that. If you’re looking for an old-world font with no particular alliance or period, Freebooter Script could be it.

Download Freebooter Script from here.


Rothenburg Decorative

Rothenburg Decorative is exactly that, very decorative indeed. It is immensely detailed and has a distinct Gothic look about it. This makes it almost ageless and it could be used in a range of media or a wide range of mediums. It gets a little murky at a distance but is of such a high quality as a monogram font that it deserves its place in this list.

Download Rothenburg Decorative here.

As you can see, each of these monogram fonts offers a little something different. Each will work excellently in a range of mediums while some work better than others at distance, at detail and at creating an impression. It was actually quite difficult selecting just five out of the thousands of fonts and many hundreds of monogram fonts out there!

Will you use any of these on your next project? Have any other monogram fonts you would have liked to see on the list? Tell us about them below!

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