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The Best Podcast Apps for Android – September 2019

Over the last fifteen years, podcasts have become a true modern art form, far from their talk radio-origins. Sure, early podcasts were often built on the back of radio, and some of the most popular podcasts on the market today, including shows like This American Life, are aired over terrestrial radio in addition to being produced as a downloadable podcasts. But over the last decade or so, podcasts have evolved into an art form that simply can’t be ignored by anyone interested in audio production. When comedy podcasts blew up in the late 2000s, becoming a near-staple of the stand-up community, the popularity of the media form began to dominate certain corners of the market online.

Since then, the format has gotten even crazier: game shows, advice podcasts, improv-based humor, role-playing games, and even scripted fictional stories have caused podcasting to become as inventive and fluid a genre of entertainment as television. True-crime stories told on podcasts like Serial or S-Town captured the zeitgeist online, and shows like Welcome to Night Vale have brought fictional entertainment to an audio form enjoyed by people across the globe. Some podcasts, including My Brother, My Brother and Me and Comedy Bang! Bang! have even been adapted to comedy sketch shows, while Julia Roberts made headlines by starring in the critically-acclaimed . From politics to technology to video games, the market for podcasts has become absolutely flooded with quality entertainment.

If you want to know the best way to listen to podcasts on Android, you’re not alone. Getting into the platform can be pretty challenging if you’ve never listened to a podcast before. Even knowing where to start listening to podcasts can be a real challenge, since Android only recently began offering a built-in platform for downloading and streaming podcasts. If you’re looking for the best podcast discovery applications on your Galaxy S10 or Pixel 3 XL, you’ve come to the right place. These are the best podcast applications available for Android today.