The Best Projection Screens – March 2019

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It seems like only yesterday when a person had only two options if they wanted to watch a movie on a big screen. They could either dish out twenty bucks at a movie theater and pick from a limited selection of underwhelming films, or they could befriend a rich person who owned a home theater. Both of these options weren’t very ideal, and were likely to leave you broke, envious, or both.

The projector revolution has forever altered the way we consume everything from movies to TV shows for the better. Now, anyone with a love for cinema and an increasingly modest budget can enjoy their favorite movies and shows the way they were meant to be seen on a large screen in the comfort of their own home, and projector technology is only going to grow more powerful in the upcoming years.

But far too many people assume that their living room wall is a suitable projection surface, and it’s not. Although you can certainly get away with watching a movie on a makeshift surface, you’re missing out on some of the best things that your projector has to offer—especially if you’ve invested in an HD projector that’s capable of showcasing your media in all of its 1080p, 4K glory.

That’s why projection screens have become so popular. These oftentimes portable canvases act as the perfect match for your home projector by offering an HD surface on which to stream your content, and they’re remarkably affordable given the fact that they can completely transform your movie-watching experience for the better.

So before you cast another movie onto your flawed kitchen wall, check out these top-notch projector screens that will make it feel as though you’re sitting in a real theater.

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