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The Best PS5 Games of all Time

Having taken the gaming world by storm, the PS5 quickly went on to become the fastest-selling console of all time. While new devices can be challenging to come by, the PS5’s extensive game library means many excellent games to choose from. The PS5 has some console exclusives, plenty of PS4 backward-compatible titles, and a slew of games shared with other consoles and the PC. But what is the cream of the crop? We’re here to give you our top picks for the best PS5 games you can currently find.

Consider these games as the best introduction to PS5 consoles. Some of these will surely strike you as the best, but neither will turn out to be a waste of time, even if you’re not into its genre. The titles listed below either make great use of DualSense’s haptic feedback, light up the 4K TV with its stunning graphics and designs, or are just plain enjoyable.

These are our favorite PS5 games, and we’re sure you’re going to love them too.