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The Best Scanner Apps for the iPhone [January 2021]

Technology may have taken over everything in our lives, but we have yet to completely erase the need for paper in our lives. However, thanks to advancements in both our iPhones and in camera technology, it’s easier than ever to scan your documents to take them on the go. While desktop computers have had scanners for years and years, our iPhones are now able to scan a wide variety of documents, from receipts to contracts and everything in between. Not only is this quick and easy (especially when compared to scanning on a computer), but it also helps those important documents be with us at all time, as long as you have your phone on you.

However, if you search “scanner” in the App Store, you’ll find a ton of different apps to choose from, including police scanners and barcode scanners. While some of them are quite helpful, it’s not what you’re looking for in a scanner app. So in order to help you make the right choice for the scanner app that you decide to choose for your iPhone, we’ve rounded up the best scanner apps for iOS that make it easy to carry your documents no matter where you go.

From printing documents to saving them in the cloud, these are the best scanner apps for the iPhone in 2021.