Inspirational Self-Esteem Quotes

It will not be a mistake to say that at least once you have wondered why some people act as if they have a crown on the head (but they don`t!), while others underestimate themselves. Right? Everything depends on people`s self-esteem!
An adequate self-esteem plays a very important role in your life! Those people, who know their weaknesses, but still move forward, trying to improve themselves, can reach a lot! As a rule, too high or low self-esteem prevents you from reaching your goals, thus, making you unhappy. Who will like this? Nobody! Your own opinion about yourself sets the tone of the whole life!
Want to be an adequate person with an adequate self-esteem? Positive Self Esteem Quotes will not only improve your mood, but also help you to assess adequately your ability and strengths!

Inspirational Quotes about Low Self Esteem

  • To live with low self-esteem is like riding a bicycle with a broken hand.
  • Your low standards for yourself set the tone for other people`s treatment.
  • If you think you don`t have abilities for doing something, you really cannot do this. Be sure that you`ll manage with something, and you`ll do this!
  • You will become confident not if you are always right, but if you don`t experience fear of being wrong.
  • You are not what other people talk about you, you are what you tell other people about yourself.

You Can`nt Win in Life if You`re Losing in Your Mind.

  • Low self-esteem doesn`t mean you can do nothing. It means you have to try better.
  • Most of us were not born to be geniuses. But some people just believed in themselves.
  • Your strengths will not be discovered until you discover them.
  • If you want to improve your self-esteem, do what you`re afraid to do but want.
  • It`s your light inside that scares you, not your darkness.

Overthinking Killed My Happindess.

  • Usually, people undervalue their strengths and overvalue their weaknesses.
  • If you want to enhance your self-esteem, practice positive talks with yourself!
  • The low opinion about yourself doesn`t mean that you are a shy person. It only means that you are destroying yourself.
  • If you are insecure in your powers, the world is also insecure that you are able to do something. Don`t underestimate yourself, your low self-esteem will never be useful for you.
  • Those, who have low self-esteem, will not be happy in any case: they think that don`t deserve the happiness.
  • When your self-esteem is low, you are not able to value anything or anybody in the world.
  • Don`t live for others: they have their own lives. Live for yourself: you have only one life.
  • Nobody will respect you until you don`t respect yourself. Your low self-esteem makes others think that you don`t deserve another treatment.
  • Your low self-esteem prevents you from reaching your goals, not your disability to do something.
  • Your real problem is not the disability to change the situation or to reach the goal. Your problem is your low self-esteem and the absence of the desire to believe in yourself.
  • People don`t have a good opinion about the person, who doesn`t have a good opinion about himself/herself.
  • Self-esteem for your mind is like food for your body: the lower your self-esteem is, the less nutrition your mind gets.
  • You will not have esteem if you don`t have confidence. You don`t have confidence when you feel the lack of self-respect.
  • You don`t have to punish yourself for not being perfect. Work hard, and you`ll become quite good. Just don`t give up and underestimate yourself.
  • It can be painful to think that you cannot be proud of yourself. But it`s up to you to decide if you want to change the situation.

Having a Low Opinion of Yourself is Not Modesty.
Low Self-Esteem Is Like Driving Through Life With Your Hand-break on.
It`s a Big Difference between Being Hubmle and not Respecting...
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Good Quotes about High Self Esteem

  • A true fact of life includes the fact that the higher your self-esteem is, the more respect you have for others.
  • Hold your head high, keep your self-esteem high, and you will always be on top.
  • People with high self-esteem can always enjoy a good company even they are alone.
  • Really happy people are people with high self-esteem. They know for sure that happiness is what they deserve.

Those With Self-value Go for It and Know That Hard Work Will Put Them...

  • A successful person is a person, who believes in himself/herself, despite all things unsuccessful people think about him/her.
  • If your self-esteem is high, you will always make the most of yourself.
  • Your self-esteem is a unique shield for you. You are invulnerable and nobody will offend you if it is high.
  • High self-esteem is the most powerful tool, which you will have. It`s possible to become great with this tool.
  • It`s hard to live in the world, where everybody tries to make you do what they want. High self-esteem will help you not to let others boss around your life. It`s your responsibility.
  • To be beautiful you have to have high self-esteem. No matter how you look like, it`s important how you feel about yourself.
  • The word judges you according to your self-esteem. The higher it is, the better position you are in.
  • High self-esteem isn`t equal to selfishness. It`s equal to the persistence and purposefulness.
  • If you feel good about yourself, you feel good about your life.
  • When you are a self-confident person, you don`t need to convince others that you are worth something.
  • High self-esteem shouldn`t be hidden. All people have to know who you are.
  • It`s possible to be bashful and have high self-esteem. But it`s impossible to have low self-esteem and be confident.
  • People with high self-esteem don`t try to be better than others, they don`t need to prove their value. They just enjoy the life.
  • High self-esteem isn`t an additional or luxurious component. It is a necessary thing if you want to achieve something.
  • High self-esteem is a kind of addicting.
  • Self-love and self-confidence are important elements of high self-esteem.
  • It`s possible to upgrade everything, especially your Self.
  • You are unique, and everything you do have to be rewarded. Always remember this, and keep your self-esteem high.
  • You`ll not find peace, prosperity, and dignity until you find high self-esteem.
  • Your success can be found in the successful acceptance of your Self.
  • It may take a lot of time to develop your self-esteem. But it will take even more time to achieve something without high self-esteem.

Those With Healthy Self-esteem Know That Even a Lump of Clay Can Become...
Those With Healthy Self-esteem Focus on Completion, Not Completition.
The Strongest Factor for Success Is Self-esteem...
People Who Dance often are Likely to Have Higher Self-esteem...

Positive Self Esteem Quotes

  • Self-esteem is an influential thing for your prosperity: believe you deserve something, and you will get it.
  • You are what you think about yourself. If you can do something, you really can.
  • The most important opinion you can hear about yourself is your opinion! The better you think about yourself, the better person you will become.
  • Make yourself the kind of person, with whom you`ll feel comfortable. To do this, you should start with your thoughts.
  • Somebody`s assessment of your abilities should not be your reality. Only your self-esteem influences your life.

Success is Liking Yourself, Liking What You Do, Liking How You Do it.

  • Don`t look for self-respect and self-confidence outside yourself. Everything you need is within yourself.
  • Never judge yourself through the eyes of other people: they see clearly your disadvantages, and they are blind to your strengths.
  • It doesn`t matter what you think about yourself because everything you think is true.
  • To be a great person you have to become great. To become a great person you have to think that you are great.
  • Always live like you have a crown on your head.

Self-esteem Begins and Ends With You.

  • Everything you think about yourself determines you and your fate.
  • The essence of self-esteem is to believe in your abilities and get to know that you are worthy of being happy.
  • Healthy self-esteem means not to be in the state of war, neither with yourself nor with other people.
  • Your reputation with yourself is the main factor for operating your life.
  • Your self-opinion should not be dependent on the opinion of others. If you say you are worthy, then you really are. And no matter what others think.
  • The most important recognition is the recognition of your own self.
  • You will have everything you want when you leave the belief that you cannot do it.
  • To be self-confident is not to have no fears, worries or doubts. To be self-confident is to be able not to let them stop you.
  • You may not be perfect for others, but you have to be perfect for you.
  • Nothing and nobody is able to stop a person with a right attitude to himself/herself. Everything and everybody will stop a person with the wrong attitude to himself/herself.
  • No matter how people see you. How you see yourself has to matter the most.
  • If you want to be self-confident, you have to act as you are confident right now.
  • Take care of your self-esteem. Nobody, except you, is able to make you self-confident. But everybody can destroy your self-confidence.
  • Everything you have is your reflection of the thoughts about yourself.
  • Not your words to others determine you, but your thoughts about yourself do.

Those With Healthy Self-esteem Don`t Cross the Line Unless They Are Asked.
The Better You Feel about Yourself, the Less You Feel the Need to Show off!
Those Who Value Themselves Live Their Life With ENTUSIASM.
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