The Best VPN Options for Netflix

Posted by Jamie on July 14, 2017

We cover VPNs a lot here at TechJunkie. Given the changes to our way of life such as increased surveillance and the ability for ISPs to sell our data, it’s no wonder. Outside the U.S. other regions also benefit from VPNs. Some will use them to avoid censorship while others just want to stream media not locally available. If you are in the latter camp, here are five of the best VPN options for Netflix.

The American Netflix catalog is the widest in the world. We have more movies, more TV shows and more general content than anywhere else. Aside from Netflix being an American company, Hollywood is also American and naturally favors its own when it comes to licensing. That’s fine if you live here, not so much if you don’t.

Why pay (roughly) the same subscription for Netflix as we do and access less content? Doesn’t seem fair does it. Use a VPN and you can access the full catalog. But as always, it isn’t that easy.

Netflix and VPNs

Netflix never used to care much where you lived but pressure from the movie industry forced it to take action. Accessing U.S. Netflix from outside the country using a VPN used to be a breeze, now Netflix is actively fighting back. It allegedly has a specific team within the company to restrict VPNs from accessing services as much as possible.

Choosing a VPN for bit torrent or general use is a matter of finding a fast provider that doesn’t keep logs. However, if you want to access Netflix, you have further to go. You need a VPN provider who works to circumvent the specific actions Netflix is taking to prevent VPN use. Fortunately, there are a few good ones out there.

The selection criteria for ‘The best VPN options for Netflix’ was the usual network speed and no logging but also a specific promise to do what they can to work with Netflix. If you have read any of our other material on VPNs, some of the names in this list will be familiar. As well as working well for other uses, all of the VPN providers here will work with Netflix.

VPN services that work with Netflix July 2017

There is one caveat to this list. This is a game of cat and mouse where the playing field changes all the time. At the time of publishing, all VPN providers mentioned currently work with Netflix. The same may not be true next month. The good news is most of these providers offer a trial or money-back guarantee so all is not lost.


ExpressVPN features a lot in our VPN guides because it is a top quality service. It also has the advantage of (currently) allowing you to access U.S. Netflix outside the country. With multiple US-based servers, fast network speeds and good levels of encryption, this VPN is pretty good value.

ExpressVPN has a PC, Android and iOS app so will work on most machines. It supports OpenVPN and has a kill switch for extra security. At $8.32 a month billed annually it isn’t bad value either and comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.


NordVPN is another familiar name to regular TechJunkie readers. I don’t use this service but I have done and it worked well. It has good network speeds, U.S. VPN servers, good levels of encryption and is easy to use. It apparently keeps fewer logs than ExpressVPN too which will please some.

NordVPN also has a PC, Android and iOS app so will work on most devices. It also supports OpenVPN, has a kill switch, is bit torrent-friendly and even accepts Bitcoin as payment. At $5.75 a month billed annually, it isn’t the cheapest VPN out there but you do get a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Buffered VPN

Buffered VPN is a new one on me but was recommended by someone in the office. He uses it regularly to access Netflix while on the road, including while outside the country. Other reviews confirm access from outside the U.S. too. With U.S. server locations and lots of positive user feedback saying access to US Netflix works, this is one to try.

Buffered VPN offers an app for PC and mobile and works pretty well. Network speeds are fast and access if simple with the app. It is priced high though, at $7.75 a month billed annually. You do get a 30-day moneyback guarantee though.


PrivateVPN is a Swedish outfit that offers VPN servers to global customers. This also has been recommended by both friends and internet reviews as allowing access to U.S. Netflix from outside the country. It is also credited with having secure encryption, fast network speeds, VPN servers in multiple countries and is easy to use.

PrivateVPN has a desktop and mobile app and allows up to 6 devices to access at once. The service supports OpenVPN and has a built-in kill switch for extra privacy. It costs $6.00 a month billed annually but offers only a 7-day moneyback guarantee.

Strong VPN

Strong VPN is our final contender as best VPN option for Netflix. It is well known for its robust security and encryption and the reliability of its network. It works with OpenVPN and offers up to 2048-bit encryption should you need it to that level. It has U.S. servers and offers access to the full U.S. catalog.

Speed is regarded as very fast and zero logs are kept. The service also includes StrongDNS with leak protection for a little added privacy. At $10 a month or $5.83 a month billed annually, the service isn’t cheap but you do get a ‘generous’ 5-day moneyback guarantee.

All of these five services would make a great VPN option for Netflix. They all (currently) work with Netflix and actively seek to maintain that by using IP pooling, unique addresses and other checks to avoid Netflix VPN blocks. All are priced differently and offers slightly different features but all will help you achieve your primary goal. To access or maintain your Netflix catalog while outside the country.

Do you use a different VPN provider to access Netflix? Got any other recommendations? Tell us about them below if you do!

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Best VPNs that work for Netflix, no matter where you are located. it’s still possible to enjoy your favorite shows and movies offered, regardless of your location
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Hey Jamie! thanks for the list, but, any ideas on watching Foxsports go?
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